Creativity for Change

…and the quote of the day goes to superstar designer Phillipe Starck. The LA times invited Starck and his family to a shopping spree adventure at discount shopping chain Big Lots. While picking out furnishings and art supplies for kids, he leaves us with this thought provoking and meaningful quote,

“In a crisis, we have to think about our children and especially push their creativity. If capitalism is failing because it is a selfish system, we can teach them to reinvent society so that it is based on sharing.”

In these difficult and grim times, it’s harder than ever to agree on what ideology is best. But what most can agree on is that creativity is needed and should be encouraged to bring about positive changes in society.

Read the LA Times article here.

  • Ben

    I agree with Phillipe!

    I don’t argue that capitalism is one of the more efficient systems out there, but it is a selfish system based on ownership and personal gains, leading to uneven (and often unfair) distribution of wealth. There is certainly much room for improvement.

  • Mike

    Yes!!!!!! great to know there are like minded ppl out there.

    When it comes to economic systems, I have always thought that there must be something out there to replace capitalism, or even the whole ideology of money.
    Money was introduced to act as a standard for product/goods/services. But in modern society, the possession of wealth has translated into a definition of competition. This competition, encouraged by the forces of capitalism, really makes this world full of jealousy and hate…because you have to fight for what you get.
    So are there more efficient economic systems? Well, I believe there is. A system based on the kind nature of human being – as Phillipe stated – sharing is the key. There’s no point for three people to fight for that apple if they mutually know they will all share it for dinner.
    However, this ideology is nearly impossible to be accepted by society, seems like people would see it as bullshiet. Gotta admit, capitalism has influenced our lives too greatly that it’s so hard to imagine to live under a different economic system. Think about it, the whole world would really operate differently without it. But consider this, no one back then thought bout capitalism and they lived normally until Adam Smith came into scene. All he needed was one freakin genius idea… and it did change the world.