imm Living

imm living dancing plate design

Although the brand is still relatively new and in its infant stages, imm Living is turning a lot of heads and garnering a lot of attention with their products. Our world today lacks anything but an abundance of design creatives able to generate the most aesthetically pleasing designs via different media. What makes imm Living stand out from the crowd is that they base their fantastic designs around cultures and heritages around the world.

The Dancing Plate for instance, was influenced by the national dance of Mexico known as the Jarabe Tapatío otherwise known as the Mexican Hat Dance. In tangible form, the plate emulates the ‘ranchero-style’ dress pattern of the female dancer when spinning ecstatically during the dance.

The “tap for tea” cup and saucer is another great product designed by imm Living. Based on the Chinese custom of tapping fingers as a thank you for pouring tea, the saucer features three gold fingerprint patterns to remind guests to tap on the table as a symbol of thanks when tea is served.

Besides kitchenware products, imm-Living also produces a wide range of merchandise. Currently, they have numerous products under wraps and will be introduced in the new year. We will be working very closely with imm Living in the near future so check back with us for new items.

The Dancing Plates are available at the Vidafine store now.

imm living dancing plate designimm living dancing plate design