Go Green or Go Home

Going green. Green is the new black. However you want to put it, the secret is out. Being environmentally conscious is the new trend. Around the world, creative individuals are scrambling to come up with new environmentally friendly ideas to pretty much save our planet.

Periodically, I’ll be updating everyone with all the cool pro-environmental initiatives which are occurring around the world. Here’s some of the recent recent cool movements going on:

Super counter-terrorist Jack Bauer’s show takes another approach in saving the world by becoming the first “carbon neutral” television series. Via New York Times.

Kids are never too young to be encouraged to be creative. And to be taught the concept of sustainable energy for that matter. 4M Industrial Development Limited has come up with Green Kits to encourage and teach kids just that. As seen via Coolhunting.

Financial Times talks about Eco-friendly jobs being created in Seoul.

Bentley gets on the eco-friendly car bandwagon. Motoring @ Asiaone.

Make Your Home Renovation Eco-Friendly
Contemporary interior 02
Green Copper House and Composting Shed
Green Pizza Box
This Cup is Green
Sustainable Red Cup