Datamancer Deco Keyboard

Art deco has always been a theme of intrigue to me, most prominently in industrial designs. The whole movement was influential around the world as it made headway embracing futurism and the machine age. Being more of my grandparents’ time and not so much my own, just seeing these designs from that time somehow communicates the mood and disposition of that era. As time passed and the winds of change brought about new trends and technologies, art deco influenced designs have become a bit of a lost art. But once in a blue moon, we stumble upon immaculately crafted art deco pieces such as the custom Deco Keyboard created by Datamancer. Designed by Richard “Doc” Nagy, the keyboard was a custom creation for Cinema 16:9 to be used at a point of sale terminal. The keyboard features a black reflective acrylic faceplate, brilliant white LEDs, and a frame made of wood and chrome. It’s more than appropriate considering that Cinema 16:9 of Lansdowne, Pennsylvania is an independent cinema and movie rental with a rich embedded history dating back to 1927. Besides the keyboard, other classically themed pieces ranging from computers to cars that have been done can be seen on the Datamancer site. The craftsmanship and execution of themes of all are carried out magnificently.

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