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KDDI’s iida phones

iida Yayoi Kusama KDDI

Just when you thought every conceivable concept for a cellular phone design has been produced, think again. Every once in a while, I casually mull over the idea as well and to be quite honest, I can’t really imagine anything quite radical enough to change the landscape. There’s flip phones, rotating phones, sliders and touch screens. So it seems inevitable that besides functionality, brands have been forced to distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack through cross branding and other attention grabbing gimmicks.

Japanese telecommunications giant KDDI last week announced that they’ll be spawning a new iida brand of phones geared towards fashion-conscious users. Much like the Prada-LG and Giorgio Armani-Samsung phones, the project will involve collaborations with the usual suspects in makers of wireless handsets. The first product scheduled to come out is the G9 – a brand new Sony Ericsson slider. What’s more impressive is the technology that they’ve added which includes a mobile pico projector allowing users to watch from their phones on screens or walls. And much like its posh upmarket predecessors, the phones in this line will be available at premium prices.

The iida brand will also be working with Japanese artists including the legendary Yayoi Kusama doubling as collectable art pieces. Combining state of the art multimedia with to-die-for pop art, iida is definitely on the forefront of pushing the boundaries of mobile communications. I’m nonetheless impressed and left faced with the same question of what’s next for cell phones.

As seen via Japan Today & Engadget.

iida Yayoi Kusama KDDIiida G9 KDDI

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