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SENZ Mini Storm Umbrella

What is worse than a rainy day just as you’re getting ready for a night out?
…A rainy and windy day.

What is worse than a rainy and windy day when you need to walk for 20 minutes in a business suit from your car to the subway station?
…A flipped umbrella.

I get quite annoyed with the traditional umbrellas during a rainy and windy day because it tends to flip on me as I struggle to shield the rain and keep my umbrella intact.
You can view a previous post to see how we really feel.

Here is where the SENZ Mini Storm Umbrella comes in quite handy.

Designed by SENZ of the Netherlands, this is the first aerodynamic umbrella to be created. The asymmetrical design finds the best position for winds of up to 70km/hour. Additionally, the umbrella’s patented design will not invert, offering users the confidence and comfort they desire when out in a storm. Various colours and sizes are available.

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  • ben

    wouldn’t it close up weird?

  • ev

    i guess people are just accustomed to the way that it SHOULD close. but i think in this case, one side would just be a bit longer than the other.. the longest being the length of the handle…