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Back in grade school, I remember one of the assignments that I had to do was to design & construct a replica of the school described in the book Ender’s Game by Orson Scott. (It was one of my favourite books at the time! I highly recommend it to all sci-fi lovers!) Using cardboard, construction paper, paint, and glue, my partner and I had created a rotating structure which our teacher was quite impressed with. That’s why, when I saw this Completely Cardboard Office designed for Nothing I had a moment. Nothing is an Amsterdam-based, independent entrepreneurial agency whom commissioned Alrik Koudenburg and Joost van Bleiswijk to design an office that was unique. What Nothing received was a giant cardboard box.

Who would have thought, the one thing that most of us “toss out” would be handy enough to construct a life size office space. Another indication of environmentally friendly projects in the works. Nothing also encourages their visitors and employees to leave their marks on their cardboard walls. What an interesting idea if you ask me! What’s even more interesting will be the messages, images or autographs that will appear on these cardboard walls. What would you write on it?

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nothing cardboard officenothing cardboard officenothing cardboard boxnothing cardboard office

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    better not spill coke there eh

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    cool!! i love the sketch-idea