Fire Extinguisher For Stylish Home

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Few of us have a fire extinguisher at home, although you would wish you do when someone like me is cooking in the kitchen. But really, who would want that ugly red tank sticking out from their kitchen wall? Fire Design says… “Hmm… what if we make the fire extinguisher really pretty?” Best way to promote fire safety, I must say.

fire design extinguisher

France-based Fire Design is selling these fire extinguishers on their web store for 95 euros, a fair price to pay for a peace of mind plus a good display piece. Their colourful collection comes in so many patterns I’m sure you can find one that suits your kitchen. I would go for the red one below with the white text written all over it… at least it carries some red to look like a fire extinguisher! (At first glance I really thought they make water bottles…) I wonder if they would also decorate my smoke detector with a matching design.

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