The School of Life

the school of life london

If you’ve been keeping up with us regularly, you probably have come to realize that we’ve taken quite an interest in uncharacteristic shops (as seen here and here). So when a friend gave me a heads up on The School of Life, needless to say we were quite fascinated. The School of Life is not exactly a shop per se, but a social enterprise as they call themselves. So what the heck is that you might ask? Well, The School of Life’s philosophy is to provide a variety of programmes and services concerned with how to live wisely and well for the locals of Central London. Simply put, they’re out to expand your mind, with the intention of improving everyday living. Besides their shop, they offer courses on love, politics, work, play and family. They host meals for strangers to come together and share their inspirations and experiences. The School of Life also offers a handful of other intelligent conversation stimulus services but I’m guessing you get the idea.

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  • ev

    seems pretty cool.
    i should check it out next time i’m in London!

  • http://sunrainor.blogspot.com Finola Prescott

    Interesting! We could do with more of them around the place!

  • phil

    I wish there were more stores like this too!