amsterdam nothing design fish in the sky urban play

Last month while in Seoul, I got the chance to meet designer Jin-woog Koo who is the director of NOTHING dESIGN GROUP. I had the opportunity to see his designs via his site before meeting him and was really impressed with his products. The designs were simple yet witty and quite the attention grabbers. But most importantly, many of their products were practical and each design actually served a purpose. Speaking with him in person, I learned that there was much more to NOTHING dESIGN than just product design. Jin-woog Koo also spearheaded the group’s installations in various exhibitions around the world. Here’s a look at some of their more recent exhibitions.

Fish in the Sky

amsterdam nothing design fish in the sky urban play

Last year, NOTHING dESIGN took part in the ExperimentaDesign Amsterdam 2008 with their Fish in the Sky installation. The design concept juxtaposes the blue sky with the ocean, creating the illusion where the ‘flying’ Dutch herring appear to be swimming. Small wind-bells were also attached to each fish as thousands of years ago in the Orient, and the tinkling of the wind-bell represented miracle sounds which stimulated poetic sentiment.

amsterdam nothing design fish in the sky urban play

Miniature versions of these fishes were also handed out around the city where they were attached to bicycles, balconies and car antennas. The philosophy and concept of the project was well thought out and the execution was brilliant.

nothing design amsterdam urban play

Updated: Browse through more photos of the Urban Play project which Fish in the Sky was a part of here.

The Origin

nothing design the origin

Mocoloco takes a look at The Origin washbasin, which is inspired by the “flowing water of a stream”. Water gently shoots out from the top and travels down a curved slope leading to a wash basin at the bottom. The sprouting tap allows a stone to be either put on top to restrict waterflow or removed to let the water out. Another stone acts as a plug at the bottom of the river acting as a plug for the sink.

nothing design the origin

Stay tuned as next week we’ll talk more about the products from NOTHING dESIGN.

Updated: Click to read Part II

  • anselm

    the fish in the sky concept is brilliant

  • http://www.furnitureanddesignideas.com Nicolette

    If the fish in the sky is an example of his design, I can see why. The design is simplistic, and effective.


  • http://www.scottburnham.com scott burnham

    I’m really glad you like the Fishes in the Sky. I was the one who commissioned Nothing design to do it as part of the Urban Play project I created for the city of Amsterdam with Droog Design. You can read more about the project here: http://scottburnham.com/?page_id=6

    You can see many more photos of Fishes in the Sky and the other projects that were part of Urban Play on my flickr photo set of the project here: http://tinyurl.com/mcn5jq

    I’m really pleased you did a piece on Nothing design. I got to know them quite well over the course of working together – exceptionally talented, exceptionally nice people.

  • phil

    Thanks a lot Scott! Great work on commissioning the project. I wish I could have been there to witness the project first hand. Please feel free to inform us of any future projects you might be conducting. Cheers!

  • http://www.huggingthecoast.com Hugging the Coast

    Reminds me a little of a Bertoia art installation I saw on the campus of Cornell University a few years ago. Magical!

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