Behr 2010 Colour Trends

behr 2010 color colour trends interior

Last week, Vidafine got the chance to get an exclusive look at Behr’s 2010 colour trends forecast. Some predominant themes that we’re going to see in the coming months include a return to more traditional and natural looks as well as bold geometric shapes influenced by vintage Art Deco styling. Over the years, Behr has been one of, if not the most reputable paint brand when it comes to DIY home improvement projects. Meeting with representatives Dave, Nancy and Lisa, they were kind enough to give us a first hand glimpse of the upcoming interior decorations trends outlook and a demonstration of their most technologically refined product – Behr’s Premium Plus Ultra Interior Paints.

Maybe it stems from the recession (seems like this is factoring into everyone’s themes lately) but as mentioned earlier, the premise of the approaching year’s interior decoration trends are swaying towards going back to basics. Much inspiration is being drawn from facets of eco-friendliness, sustainability, and thrift, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement of vivid colours, rounds shapes and vintage decorative accessories. Below are four compositions that Behr has come up with for 2010.

Artisan Voyage

behr 2010 color colour trends interior

Although put together with globetrotters in mind, this group of individuals are hardly the only ones who are bound to have fun with the eccentricity of this design. Born from diverse cultural influences and natural elements, the Artisan Voyage concept is a symphony of bold vivid colours teamed with contrasting textures. The colour palette ranges are from the blues of the Aegean Sea to the deep reds and auburns of the Spice Route. The room is heavily garnished with dynamic accessories which look as though they’re found in flea markets and bazaars from around the world with the centre pieces being a hodgepodge of modern furnishings. The Artisan Voyage is by far the most gallant and upbeat of the four trends.

Soft Contemporary

behr 2010 color colour trends interior

The tranquil neutral colours and soothing round lines make the Soft Structure a distinct contrast from the previous animated layout. While the Artisan Voyage creates an eclectic flair, the Soft Structure produces a more calming and serene environment, perfect for when you wish to unwind. The round contours and whimsical coloured accents help ensure that the room isn’t too plain or boring.

Dark Glamour

behr 2010 color colour trends interior

The Dark Glamour style is daring to say the least and can probably be said to have the most character of the four trends. With a distinct elegance brought on by the austere wall and furnishing colours, the ambiance of the room feels almost Goth-like. As a reflex to the recession glooms, the Dark Glamour accentuates the room with vintage Art Deco pieces which look like it got time warped from the machine age. However, hints of timeless lavishness are still maintained with black and white architectural photos along with rich velvety textures.

Farm House Craft

behr 2010 color colour trends interior

If anything good has come out of this recession, it’s that we’re slowly guided back to our green and earthy roots. The Farm House Craft brightly illustrates themes of nature and farming in this new country kitchen. Concepts such as repurposing and reusing are exceptionally evident, with the kitchen being ornamented with pewter and copper pieces giving it a rustic feel. The simple use of timber all around including the dining table and crate barrel stools further add to the natural and homegrown experience.

Check back next week as we bring you more tips and tools from Behr to help you in redecorating your rooms.

  • ben

    which one fo you like best?

  • ev

    i really like the warm tones in the farm house craft colour combination!

  • phil

    Artisan Voyage ftw

  • http://alkemie.blogspot.com Karen Olivia

    Great overview and spread with the different styles! I love Behr paints and have used them a lot myself.

    Karen Olivia

  • phil

    Thanks a lot Karen. Yeah, Behr has always been consistently putting out quality paints. We’ve tried out Behr’s Premium Plus Ultra Interior Paints and it’s really good to say the least!