Chadou Yama’s Roll Scenery

market toilet paper scenery

Remember those scrunched up toilet roll faces? Well here’s a new spin to that idea. How about toilet roll scenery? That is precisely what Chadou Yama a.k.a. Anastassia Elias decided to do in her spare time. Artist and illustrator Anastassia, decided to depict three different environments using toilet paper rolls. I wonder how long it would take to precisely glue/stick one piece of cardboard cut out inside the tube? On her blog, Anastassia expresses her excitement about her art appearing on German television. However, being a French native, she’s wondering who can translate the clip for her! The thing I love most about design and art is that the designs show it all, no need for words (most of the time).

grandmother toilet roll sceneryschool toilet paper scenery

  • http://www.drewbdope.blogspot.com Drew B

    This is some pretty dope stuff! Very unique.