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sydney international food festival SIFF
As much as we’re told not to play with our food when we were young, seeing people craft up these wonderful flag designs using food just seems to throw that childhood lesson out the window. Starting tomorrow, the Sydney International Food Festival kicks off where they will hold a profusion of foods from countries around the world. As a celebration of the city’s exuberant ethnic food scene, the festival has assigned Australian advertising agency Whybin TBWA with the task of bringing the event to the attention of the public. In their advertising campaign, the flags of a dozen countries were created using ingredients commonly found in their traditional cuisines. As you can see in the above picture, the French flag was re-created with cheeses and grapes while the Japanese flag (below) contains a massive ball of Tuna sushi as the rising sun.

sydney international food festival SIFF

Here’s a couple more of our favourites. See the rest at PSFK.

sydney international food festival SIFF

sydney international food festival SIFF

Being from Toronto, we know a thing or two about gastronomic diversity within a city. And we’re a tad curious as to how Toronto measures up to other cities in terms of culinary mixtures. So, if our readers could share with us your experiences from around the world, we would love to hear it.


  • Joey

    these are so cool! that’s a huge piece of tuna sushi…..

  • ev


  • ben

    what food would you use to make up the flag for your country?

  • http://cajunchefryan.rymocs.com/blog2/recipes/beef-wellington/ Cajun Chef Ryan

    Now those are really cool!

  • ben

    baking powder with ketchup on top for Canada =P

  • savorytv

    Gorgeous! I'm hungry…