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A couple of weeks back, we showed you some exuberant exhibitions that Mr. Koo and his team have displayed in different parts of the world (see here). Mr. Koo and his NOTHING dESIGN GROUP has shown through their compelling projects that they’ve meticulously crafted a story behind these works while successfully executing on implementing the installations.

Besides putting up public urban installations, Mr. Koo and his team of talented designers have found their way into your home through their decorative products from the kitchen to the bedroom. Many of their products are impressive simply because they effectively marry functionality with good design. Here’s a quick glance at some of their home décor pieces.

Pillow Mask

nothing design group seoul korea pillow mask

The Pillow Mask is a rather ingenious idea which serves two purposes – as a pillow for resting your head and a light shielding eye pad (…well three if you consider appearing incognito while you sleep a third purpose).

Cloud Mug

nothing design group seoul korea cloud mug

Featured on the roster of MoMA’s Destination Seoul collection earlier this year, the Cloud Mug was an instant success, selling out in just seven days. This white handmade ceramic mug is perforated with small, leak-proof indentations so that when you hold it up to the light, silhouettes of floating clouds are imprinted onto the surface it’s shone on.

Nothing Hanger

nothing design group seoul korea hanger

What might look like a flimsy piece of tape is actually a resilient adhesive hanger that can be used as a holder for many everyday objects. It’s perfect for surfaces where it’s not possible to put in nails and hooks. The hangers are able for repositioning by simply removing it and reattaching it to another desired surface.

Clip Language Clip & Tiepin

nothing design group seoul korea clip language tiepin

According to NOTHING dESIGN, the philosophy behind the Clip Language is as follows:

The story of an object creates a new form and that form becomes a language. Objects do not exist by function alone. In object form, contents (emotion, thoughts and etc.) are delivered. One’s emotions can be expressed through various shapes at the end of the clip and documents can be filed by its classification. The Clip Language, which is placed on the right pocket of your shirt, informs others your thoughts or feelings without having to say a single word.

The Clip Languages comes in a generous variety of words, symbols and animals.

Brick Light

nothing design group seoul korea brick light

It probably wouldn’t be too smart to build a house with these but the Brick Lights do make for an excellent ornamental piece. Constructed from concrete, the Brick Lights feature a star shaped light embedded in the block. So regardless if the night is cloudy or clear, you’re guaranteed to see stars as long as this is plugged in your house.

Mug o

nothing design group seoul korea mug o

This is probably one of the best examples of basing a good design on the practicality of a product. The Mug o was designed taking into account that when clean mugs stand upright, dust tends to collect on the inside. The problem is effortlessly solved by sculpting the handle into a right angle triangle. That way the mug can sit sturdily upside down when not in use, shielding it from unwarranted dust.

We’ll be working very closely with NOTHING dESIGN in the near future. So be sure to keep checking back to stay updated.

  • ben

    i need a pack of these hangers… wonder how much weight they can hold

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  • Cowslip

    Excellent idea for the mugs but would they not take more space?

  • Boxeraus

    where do i buy these star brick?

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