Parallel Universes

The first time I encountered the term Parallel Universe was from Brian Greene’s book on String Theory –The Elegant Universe. It describes the notion that every possible outcome of an event occurs, each creating a new universe and continues to evolve with that specific outcome. The universe that we live in right at this moment is unique, but not the only one in existance, there are many equally valid universes running in parallel, carrying out their own history.

Okay, that sounded kinda deep… but it is the reason why I felt a personal connection when I saw Kristina’s work on Behance, titled (yes you guessed it) –Parallel Universes.

Throughout our lives we make decisions and choose our paths, and each of us have our own unique background. Each person is a universe in its own right and somehow we are all connected, sharing this piece of land called Earth. Parallel Universes is Kristina’s quest to explore individual personality and the relationships between them. Through interviews and photographing, Kristina compiled these very inspiring pieces… Snapshots of each universe, windows into the life and history of each individual, creatively presented inside this stack of white covers.

The above images have been compiled from the facial expressions of a group of 67 people from 27 different countries all connected by one common interest. It is interesting to see the way each person’s expressions all convey the same message yet are all so uniquely distinct. An inspiring idea followed through with perfect execution. It’s almost like people-watching, but on paper. To view the full Parallel Universes project, or her other inspiring works, please see Kristina Kostadinova’s Behance portfolio.

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  • ben

    a few people have pointed out that they have also read Brian Greene’s book after they saw this post… i never knew so many people have read it! it’s one of my favourite =)