Toilet Roll Faces

toilet paper faces

These days, everyone’s talking about ways to help preserve our lovely planet by reducing the amount of waste being deposited. For most people, when the toilet paper in the loo has been used up, it gets tossed and the holler for another one is prompted. But for some, using the familiar toilet paper roll tubes to make funny/intriguing faces and showing them off is a pastime. This person is precisely Junior Fritz Jacquet, a creator and sculptor of all things paper. I must say he’s pretty good at doing what he does… look at the detail in the facial expressions!

Here is a before and after shot on what we know as the familiar toilet paper roll turned into a masterpiece. Below, is a snapshot of the collection.

before and after toilet roll faces

via Design Verb

toilet paper roll faces collection

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  • http://thinkspin.blogspot.com Lauren

    What a great idea and use of something that always ends up in the can.

    I used to give them to my son’s pet gerbils. They love to chew the toilet paper rolls.

  • http://www.furnitureanddesignideas.com Nicolette

    I usually toss out toilet paper rolls. But the craft idea is simply ingenious. I’ll be sure to try it next time.


  • ev

    I always only knew of toilet paper rolls being used for children’s crafts. I guess they’re actually useful for children, adults and even pets (in your case Lauren!)

  • ben

    faces look kinda angry… n depressed…

  • http://www.lacostebuy.com/ kive00

    Face is very unique, very powerful!

  • http://mycloggedtoilet.com toilet repair

    Every one of those faces looks like George Bush lol Its amazing how much spare time people have.

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