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Vidafine recently discovered Philips Design Probes, a community dedicated to ‘far-future’ research initiatives which is believed to become the creative force behind innovative products that will one day become mainstream. One of the most interesting concepts we’ve found within their Food section, is the Biosphere (which isn’t exactly a sphere) concept idea which is something we believe all culinary geniuses or addicted gamers to the popular Facebook game ‘Farmville’ will appreciate!

This kitchen skyscraper’s concept development is to explore the possibility of growing at least part of one’s daily calorific requirement at home, as explained by Philips. Using the synergies between fish, plants, vegetables and algae, the Biosphere home farm has been designed to stand up right, not only to minimize the amount of floor space required (great for small apartments or tiny kitchens) but to also enable the stacking of the various mini eco-systems to ease the flow of nutrients from one level to the next. Not only will this mini-at-home-farming system produce natural foods such as lettuce, cucumbers, spices and shellfish, the ability for it to operate without electricity using only water, organic waste and the sun’s energy to power up should also bring much appeal.

philips biotower

As previously mentioned, each layer of this biosphere contains a different eco-system. The top two levels are home to various plants, while the middle section contains algae. Level four are where the fish and shrimp live. While the very bottom level is where organic waste is deposited. The quality of foods produced is dependent on the optimization and efficiency of the whole chain as you would have guessed. Have a look at this video below to get an idea of how one would interact with the Biosphere at home.

Find more videos like this on Design Probes

If you’re interested in the Design Probe Food phenomenon, check out this video which explains Philips’ whole idea (at around 6 minutes, they talk specifically about the Biosphere).

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I’m personally a food lover and would be ecstatic to be able to operate one of these at home! It will definitely save the number of times I need to drive out to the grocery store and I can ensure the quality of my own foods. And besides, this tower will look awesome in my kitchen!

photos via Philips Design

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  • halayc

    This looks amazing! There's a shortcut (less expensive) way to go from kitchen scraps to instant organic liquid fertilizer for plants. It's a product I am developing, and you can join my mail list on here: http://www.urbanfarmsorganic.com if you'd like to know when it is ready for market.

  • http://www.vidafine.com/ ecee

    Wow, Thanks for sharing! Good luck on that development!!

  • http://www.laluminata.co.uk/ Rachel


  • Samantha

    Wow, I love the futuristic look & feel!

  • http://twitter.com/Dezigngossip Simon Hodges

    Thanks for posting Vidafine. I've sent this round to people at Philips Design – the guys will be delighted by the reaction. If you're inspired by the Food Design probes – you may like to join the Design Probe community, which is helping to develop concepts and generate insights around each of the Probes: http://designprobes.ning.com/

    Thanks again!

  • http://www.facebook.com/hey.ev Evelyn Chiu

    Thanks Simon for looking us up and spreading the word! The Design Probe projects are amazing! We can't wait to read more of the innovative ideas that are coming out!

  • http://twitter.com/Dezigngossip Simon Hodges

    Thanks Evelyne – will keep you posted. At the moment looking at microbes and transformation of substances.


  • Duggie MacMillan

    Philips Biosphere. Beautiful idea. I want one, how much and where?