Shop in a Box

Compartment stores, consignment boxes, cubicle shops. Whatever you wish to call it, this new retail space concept is slowly creeping its way into North America after taking off successfully all throughout Hong Kong (see here & here) and in other parts of Asia. As a concept originating from Tokyo’s Akihabara shopping district, these compartment stores (the term I have chosen to use for the sake of writing this post) are stores made up of numerous small cubicles. Hopeful store owners who don’t have enough capital to set up their own shops can lease these small cubicles to display the items that they wish to sell. It’s attractive for sellers since they don’t have to spend much time or money minding a shop, while shoppers appreciate the variety and relatively lower cost items in the cubicles.

Recently opened in August, Gagoo Box brings to Toronto what compartment stores have brought to shoppers in bustling cities all across Asia – a shopping experience which closely mirrors a treasure hunt. With so many items in a single store space, who knows what interesting items you might find.

We at Vidafine have taken the opportunity to try out this retailing concept in the heart of downtown Toronto by renting out a space at Gagoo. As proud owners of a cubicle we’ve put a couple of our favourite items on display for sale. So to all our Toronto-based readers, come by and check us out. We’ll be constantly rearranging our display with new products so keep an eye out!

Updated on March 1, 2010

The Queen Street location is closed and only the Pacific Mall location is open. You may find more information on their website. (Thanks for letting us know, John!)

  • http://designelixir.blogspot.com/ design elixir

    What a fun idea! Have you sold in your compartment store yet?

  • phileascheng

    Unfortunately not yet. We actually just put the display up in the cubicle the other day. Hopefully it will slowly catch on!

  • John

    The Queen street location is closed down and only the Pacific Mall location is opened.

  • http://www.vidafine.com ben

    wow. thanks for letting us know!
    that location didn't last very long at all eh

  • John

    Yes, I was a bit disappointed when I went to the Queen St. location and it was replaced by a clothing store from next door. I had planned to put our products in this store and now it is gone. Hope that they would removed the Queen Street location from their web site as this is deceiving to the public.
    They had a good concept and I hope that they do not give up.

  • ghost reporting

    I was planning to sell some of my stuff at the one at Pacific Mall, looks like that one is gone as well and their web site also.

  • Yiling Neo


    I am an editor with Pearson Education South Asia and would like to use the first image in this article in a marketing textbook which I am currently working on. It is targeted at first-year university students and due to be published by the end of this year. Please contact me at yiling.neo@pearson.com for more discussion. Looking forward to your good news! 

    Warmest regards,
    Yi Ling


  • http://www.vidafine.com ben

    Got your email. Feel free to use it =)