Tea Time

Fall is definitely here and if you’re shivering constantly like I am, a white sandy beach with blue skies and a cocktail in our hands could easily fix that. But the closest I’ll ever get to a nice warm exotic place, is staring at pictures on my computer screen of Aruba. So, the next best thing is a cup of hot tea. Here are some new stylish tea pots and sets.

Fall Tea Set


Yuki Hirayama has designed a very functional tea kettle that is so fittingly called “Fall”. Her design strives to reconnect us to the whole tea brewing experience by bringing us complete control over the experience. Tea is brewed by putting leaves into a strainer, and using the slider system to immerse the tea leaves into the water. If you like your tea strong like I do, then you leave the tea leaves in longer. If you prefer your tea on the lighter side, then, when you see the right colour in the pot, all you have to do is to remove the strainer out from the hot water. Don’t worry it won’t scald you, as you simply slide the strainer back out of the hot water into the strainer holder. Thus, the tea leaves stay inside the kettle for the time being instead of having them drip onto your clothes.

Dione Tea Set

Dione Tea Cups

This next futuristic tea-set is by Vuk Dragovic. They’re not quite your traditional teacups as they consist of two hemispheres that make a little globe. One of the things I love about tea is the aromas, especially jasmine tea. The main purpose of the globe is to concentrate the aroma in the cup until you are ready to enjoy your tea. In addition to this, there is a little net to thwart tea leaves from entering your cup. All one has to do is to flip the globe so that the tea is separated from the tea leaves without spilling out, and then finally, disassemble one hemisphere which brings out the aroma and freshly brewed tea. I can almost smell the jasmine flowers now.

Brew Spout

brew spout

Need something simpler? Alek Shnayder has designed this compact and elegant teapot. Except it doesn’t have a pot. Neither does it have a spout or a handle. Instead, the pot has been replaced with a base where the water is poured into and heated. And instead of a spout, we have a nozzle where our hot water will drip down into our cup. The concept of this “teapot” is that if we’re only going to make tea for just us, why bother wasting energy to heat up a full kettle of hot water? Secondly, it’s a steamless design which helps with water conservation efforts as it prevents water from escaping out of your teapot as steam.

Fall Tea Kettle via inewidea

Dione Tea Set via yankodesign

Brew Spout via ID

Fallfall-fullBrew Spout

  • http://www.vidafine.com/ ev

    i really love the futuristic tea-set is by Vuk Dragovic!!! Is it available for purchase anywhere? the teapot that I had just broke! :/

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nelson-To/28111374 Nelson To

    Holding a cup with my thumb and index finger is such a GOOD IDEA!1!!

    NOT!! /Borat

    @ ev, you know… Vuk's teapot is just a render, they probably won't make it. Better luck elsewhere.

  • http://www.kevinlittleton.com/ Kevin Littleton

    The Brew Spout is the coolest.

  • http://www.kevinlittleton.com/ Kevin Littleton

    The Brew Spout is the coolest.

  • http://www.wholesaleinc.net/ wholesale cell phone

    i LOVE this… but i have been searching and searching, and i cant find anyone linking to where this set can be bought. any ideas??

  • Mreynard09

    Its easy to scrutinise, prick! This is an exquisite piece of art work, as well as an interesting concept. 

  • Ndygf

    While his tone could use some work, it’s important to remember that for a FUNCTIONAL item like a tea cup, it’s important for it to function WELL. What’s the point in having the most beautiful tea cup in the world if it ruins the experience of drinking your tea?