Bubble Clox by Darien Lee

bubble clox darien lee

The inner geek in me screamed hallelujah when it saw this clock that could bend both space and time. It’s called the Bubble Clox!

bubble clox darien lee

While it doesn’t literally bend space and time, this 3 dimensional spherical clock by Darien Lee is definitely an upgrade to the 2 dimensional flat clock elevating it to be both modern and smart. To add more to this whole idea of space and time being bent, the elegant hour, minute and second hands conform to the sphere, creating the illusion that they were being bent by the ball itself. The clocks come in four flavours – kiwi green, tangelo orange, bubblegum pink and baby blue. With those colours, it will surely brighten up any space be it your living room or your office. As for size, the sphere is only 4″ in diameter – about the size of a grapefruit hanging off your wall.

bubble clox darien lee

For some reason, the clocks kind of remind me of those brightly fluorescent tennis balls. Anybody else?

Via Blog Esprit Design

bubble clox darien leebubble clox darien leebubble clox darien leebubble clox darien lee

  • http://theaccessorylady.bigcartel.com/category/gifts-under-25 TheAL

    Very psychedelic! Love these colors.

  • primaryworkathome

    Wow very unique and interesting piece. I like this one.

  • anselm21

    quite elegant in visual appearance – but somehow i think it will only look good when a few colors are placed side by side. and why would I wanna put three clocks side by side on my wall!! lol quite creative nonetheless : D

  • jay

    for different cities!

  • anselm21

    lolll what a nice idea. if done right, that would be pretty spectacular

  • Robyn

    Great find!!