Cube Works at Home

cube works toronto art design

It’s already been over a month since we had Nuite Blanche, our all-night arts festival here in Toronto. We were kind of reminiscing about it especially our chance encounter with Cube Works, a group that makes iconic pop pieces made entirely from Rubik’s Cubes (check out our previous post). We were really impressed by their work and Nick Hall, from Cube Works, has so kindly provided us a couple of pictures of how these pieces would look in your homes instead of on the midnight streets of downtown Toronto.

Here’s a look at some of them:

Living Room 1

cube works toronto art design

Living Room 2

cube works toronto art design

Living Room 3

cube works toronto art design

Living Room 4 (Clint)

cube works toronto art design

In the picture above, Rubik’s Cube Clint Eastwood is made up of 650 cubes and it took 2 weeks to build. That’s pretty impressive considering all those random combinations that need to be made with the Rubik’s Cubes. But you might be wondering whether or not installing a piece like that in your living room would be difficult. Cube Works has assured me that it wouldn’t be. Each piece comes with an installation kit and instructions manual and can be easily mounted with any common household tools. The larger pieces though may require a specialist to come in, but he or she will have it set up the way you want it.

By the way, we made the mistake of mixing David Bowie with Michael Jackson last time. I know, I know it’s inexcusable, and I’m really ashamed to say I don’t know some of these pieces in this article. I know our top most is of Brett Favre, and we have a Clint Eastwood piece. While some of the other ones (Living Room 1 -3) look familiar, I don’t want to create anymore mixups so definitely feel free to shed some light!

We have a couple more pictures in a gallery setting. Unfortunately, if you want to see these pieces in person, the Cube Works studio is not setup yet. However, you can see some of the pieces in person at the retail store, Lileo, located in the Distillery District of Toronto.

cube works toronto art designcube works toronto art design

Cube Works
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  • homesinphilippines

    Each photo was so beautiful in a wonderful and unique way.This was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed looking. I think this fit to my new homes in philippines. Great article in here.

    Deirdre G

  • phileascheng

    Thanks. The pics were courtesy of CubeWorks. Glad ya enjoyed it!

  • dani

    First one is a dog.

  • will

    And we have a winner!

  • http://www.buyubozmamerkezi.com Büyü

    Thanks. The pics were courtesy of CubeWorks. Glad ya enjoyed it!

  • Worried Designer

    These are not the real works of art that CubeWorks create. These are the proof of concept or the pre-visualization art. These are all Photoshoped to have an idea of the final result. Look at the John Lennon art, analyze the top right cube and you will see that it is impossible to have red stickers in two faces of that one cube. If you want to see the real work (not Photoshoped), simply go to http://cubeworks.ca/

  • http://www.vidafine.com ben

    Good catch =)
    Here the ones that we photographed at Nuite Blanche:

  • Yabu_alief

    very nice post and amazing wall decoration

  • Anonymous

    Its pretty amazing how it is done perfectly and a way the portrait easily blends to the room. This is good artistic aproach. I haven’t seen anything like this in makati condo Good job Cubes!

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