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All I Want For Christmas ($30 or less)

Image from Alexander Van Elsas.

Dear Santa,

As you may already be well aware, we haven’t exactly been on our best behaviours the preceding year. Coupled with the economic downturn that we’re in, we don’t exactly foresee ourselves finding that shining red bike under the tree or unwrapping a new 50 inch OLED TV on Christmas Day. However, we do feel that we’re still deserving of a cool neat gift so we’ve compiled a short list of our most wanted items for under $30 (USD). Thank you and we’ll try our best to be really good next year.


Bobby and friends

P.S. We’ve cleaned the chimney in anticipation of your arrival!

20 Drinking Games on Beer Coasters.
christmas gift guide 20 drinking games on beer coasters
The Holiday season usually brings about parties and gatherings which more times than not, equates to some boozing. The pack of Beer Coaster Drinking Games introduces (or reminds) you to 20 drinking games. Perfect for the occasional drinker looking for an interesting night with friends. But remember, please drink responsibly!

Available at Blue Ribbon General Store for $8.95 USD.

Candy Buds Earphones


I’m sure we’ve all grown up putting these tasty treats in our mouths but how about sticking them in your ear. The Candy Buds Earphones are designed with iconic logos from some of your favourite candy such as Bubble Yum. For the music lover looking to put something sweet in their ear.

Available at Urban Outfitters for $10.00 USD.

Teck & Tonka Bamboo Incense Sticks

teck tonka incense christmas gift guide

Made from extra thin bamboo sticks, these Teck & Tonka Incense Sticks produce a spicy, woody scent along with hints of nutmeg, cinnamon, sandalwood, patchouli, amber and tonka bean. A wonderful gift for the appreciator of the olfactory sense

Available at Ziggy’s At Home for $12.90 CAD (approx. $12 USD).

Nintendo Mini Classics

nintendo mini classics games mario christmas gift guides

Back in the day when gaming didn’t involve wireless nunchucks and complex 3D graphics, there was of course Nintendo’s iconic Game Boy. You can now relive those nostalgic 8-bit handheld memories with the Nintendo Mini Classics. With titles such as Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong Jr, and Mario’s Cement Factory, these classic games make for a wonderful gift for the 80’s baby gamer.

Available at Firebox for £9.99 (approx. $17 USD).

Monopoly City Edition
monopoly city edition christmas gift guides

While the classic Monopoly board game has been around for decades, it almost never seems to grow old as young and old from around the world enjoy it still. This year, Monopoly introduced a new variation to their iconic pastime with the Monopoly City. Differences include buildings and skyscrapers which can be developed in different districts as well as a handful of new rules. This makes for a great gift for just about anyone who likes having guests over for get-togethers.

Available at Toys”R”Us for $19.99 USD.



In the last couple of years, David Chang has risen to ranks of distinction with his famed restaurants – Momofuku, Ssäm Bar and Ko. Now he’s sharing some of his secret recipes in his book filled with large coloured photos and awesome narratives. An excellent gift for the food connoisseur looking to whip up great tasting food in the comfort of his/her own home.

Available at Amazon for $23.40 USD.

P-Sharan Pinhole Camera Kit SQ-35

christmas gift guide sharan pinhole camera kit diy

While it may seem like digicams have been around for a while, it’s hard to recall the days when 35mm film was used for photography. The P-Sharan Pinhole Camera Kit SQ-35 will allow avid photographers to create fascinating pinhole camera images with a build it yourself cardboard camera. An ideal gift for the shutterbug fanatic.

Available at X-tremeGeek for $24.95 USD.

Tulip USB Hub

Instead of planting tulips in your backyard, here’s an idea to bring them closer to your everyday workspace. The Tulip USB Hub ingeniously plants this 4-way port adapter into a tulip design. Just the gift for the techie looking to make his/her computer more environmentally friendly.


Available at Rolo for $24.95 CAD (approx. $23 USD).

In God We Trust Key Find


We all know how irritating it gets when keys get lost, so these Key Finds are the perfect solution. These American made leather Key Finds from In God We Trust come in a variety of colours (4 to be exact) and feature contrasting stitch details as well as polished brass rings. For the absentminded friend who can never find their keys.

Available at Refinery 29 Shops for $30.00 USD.

(500) Days of Summer


After receiving rave reviews at its 2009 Sundance Film Fest debut, (500) Days of Summer was appropriately released this past summer. According to J.R. Jones of the Chicago Reader, (500) Days of Summer is visually witty and a flawlessly played romantic comedy. The DVD will be released on December 22nd, just in time for Christmas. As one of the best movies of the year, this makes for a great gift for the chick flick lover or anyone who enjoys a good movie for that matter.

Available for Pre-Order at Amazon for $18.99 USD.

Check back next week for a look at what the good kids will be getting this Christmas.

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