Augmented Reality 

The Walls Are Alive!

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by NuFormer

Talk about adding dimensions to a wall – these two videos demonstrate how digitally created objects can interact with real world spaces such as these public buildings. So, what you are viewing aren’t special effects applied to the video – they’re actual video animations projected onto the building itself. That means if you were actually there, you could see giant balls tumbling down from the roof of a building or a mysterious glowing ball of light floating around the columns of a building (assuming you’re looking at it from the right angle I believe). NuFormer Digital Media were the ones who used some fancy 3D video projection to alter our perception in the real world. It definitely seemed convincing when that building looked like it was collapsing, but don’t take my word for it – go check out the video.

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The second video is a slightly older video that was done at the C. Stem Festival in Italy by TODO, but it still demonstrates how digital projections and the real world are interacting with each other. It also shows how the digital projection was done with the use of computer models that have a layout of all the windows and wall edges. These boundaries are for what appears to me as “exploding subdividing fish/mouse hyrbids” that swim and bounce around the facade of the building. TODO describes their lifeforms (the exploding subdividing fish/mouse hybrid) as having intelligence that allows them to react to the environment around them.

These methods of digital projections are great at extending how artists and designers can express themselves on public structures through the use of technology. It also kind of reminds me of graffiti. In fact, TODO describes their video as an “A.I. enhanced graffiti” although they are somewhat less rebellious than their traditional kin as they are only temporary installations. I wouldn’t be surprised to see these as an alternative to billboards in the future.

To find out more about how TODO did their digital projections, click here.

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    holy shit these are really cool! how do they project in such a huge area and the images are so sharp and bright, and yet you don't see a beam of light coming from the back from the scattering off the dusts in the air…