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And it’s official. Everybody and their grandmother has a customized mobile application these days. Big box companies are putting out apps looking for another avenue to sell you a wide range of products and services, while apps for not-for-profit companies want to educate you on causes around the world and how you can help out. CauseWorld, a fresh new app that comes in two flavours for iPhones and Android based users (sorry Blackberry users), brings the two aforementioned ideas together.

Using geo-location tools, it tracks where and which stores you shop in. Once in the store, you can “check-in” the store using the CauseWorld program and collect ‘karma’ points. Although this may sound fairly similar to Foursquare, it is through looking at CauseWorld’s objectives that we really see how the two services diverge in their respective paths. These earned ‘karma’ points can then be donated to a cause of your choice, from planting trees with Global ReLeaf to providing a meal with Feeding America.


The ‘karma’ points are backed by business sponsors who donate to whichever cause you choose. Players can also earn extra karma points through certain activities, such as scanning certain products inside a store. Taking part in CauseWorld allows businesses to gain more exposure, all the while contributing to various charities. Much like Timeraiser Auctions, CauseWorld brings together different groups with dissimilar interests and creates a win-win situation for all of ‘em. Whatever the cause is, you can help with a few clicks on your mobile phone while exploring your city. So sign up today! Which cause are you passionate about?

Download CauseWorld from iTunes

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  • Sherman

    Never in human history has it taken so little effort to plant a tree, provide a meal, and donate a book. Good Karma for all!