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DIY has been one of the most revolutionary social trends to emerge and really take off in our lifetime. From home grown electronic equipment to piecing together fabric to create your own clothes, DIY is everywhere.

An independent toy company, Monster Factory, initially started as a DIY project when co-founder Rhya Tamasauskas decided to make a plush monster-looking thing as a gift for a friend. One gift, turned into another and from then on it spiraled into a real project. By November of 2003, their first lineup of plush monsters was released for sale to the general public. They’ve featured their products at the One of A Kind Show and also at the Toronto Outdoor Exhibit.

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Now mind you, these monster creations aren’t as simple as Phoebe’s sock puppets. Each monster has a name, personality, and story behind them. From Facebook pages to Monster short videos, these monsters are more than just plush toys, they are alive! With over 70 monsters available through their online store and various retailers and boutiques, the Monster Factory collection is growing at an incredible rate.

Also Monster Factory is holding a Scavenger Hunt contest and the prizes include $300 worth of spending money at their online store! All you need to do is snap a few quick pictures of a monster in its ‘natural settings’ (like in a bike basket or at a sporting event). Check the main contest page for details and a Photo List.


Buddy is ready to help you for your scavenger hunt!

A Bonus Clue has been listed for Vidafine readers to help you win!
16. Monster reading stories about the creative and innovative ways people are making this world a better place at VIDAFINE.com (25 SUPER BONUS POINTS – photo should include monster + computer screen showing vidafine.com website)

Here is Buddy getting his daily dose..

The hunt has already started so make sure you submit your photos by Monday, June 14th at 4pm!

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  • ecee

    my favourite is maya! super cute!!

  • http://www.vidafine.com ben


  • helene

    somehow they all look so weird…but…cute at the same time =)

  • http://www.facebook.com/eugene.loo Eugene Loo

    definitely, and that's the appeal!

    If they ever name a monster after me I'm getting it for sure!

    He can always be seen holding food in his hands, having food in his mouth, or stains on his shirt. An easy going individual who wants to snowboard all year round.

    What would your monster 'bio' say?

  • ev

    mine would say, Evelyn: She can always be seen holding food in his hands beside Eugene, having food in her mouth while beside Eugene…

  • http://www.vidafine.com ben

    yea all very weird but if u stare at them enough they r kinda cute