Augmented Reality Nanotechnology 

See-through Circuits


Some of you may have seen our earlier post on the future iPad Looking Glass envisioned by Mac Funamizu. It features a see-through display capable of overlaying digitally-rendered pixels on top of the real objects seen through the transparent glass display. While that gadget may be further down the line, this transparent laptop that Samsung showed off at CES is definitely a big step forward.


Thanks to transparent thin-film transistors (TTFTs) and OLED technology, the circuitry and light-emitting components of the display can be made completely see-through! This is the sort of stuff that nanotechnology enables, tailoring materials and making transparent plastics conductive. Here is a schematic of what these light-emitting pixels look like:


The important point is, all these layers can be made with optically transparent materials. The transparent circuits can also be printed on flexible substrates (like… paper, or your clothes), then these displays can become fully flexible too.


If you are thinking technologies like this must cost a fortune… well, the processes involved in manufacturing an OLED display can potentially be much cheaper than making a LCD. So there you have it, a low-cost, see-through display that is also flexible and will not shatter on impact. If only I had this for my iPhone screen before it went down the stairs…

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  • http://www.facebook.com/albert.fan Albert F

    I remember a few years ago seeing images of see-through monitors on the internet. I was absolutely disappointed though when I found it was just another Photoshop trick. But the concept was really cool and I'm glad someone has finally put the effort to make it a reality.

  • http://www.vidafine.com ben

    Don't worry, this one is very real =) And a lot of resource is being put into developing these things, both at the commercial level and at universities. However, all the new possibilities that transparent screens, or even OLEDs in general, are still u for grabs. We should see another generation of technologies spawning off of this innovation much like what we have just experienced with geolocation-based mobile devices.

  • Jerome Newton 35

    “… after seeing this, how can I not believe, that anything is possible …”

  • Fuckyou

    Tony Stark was already on this ship………..it has sailed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donna-Morley/100000458088170 Donna Morley

    this it like right out of star trek.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donna-Morley/100000458088170 Donna Morley

    like out of star trek!

  • lol

    If u can carve it it could become a scouter from Dragonballz