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Tweed Run


United by the love of old English attire and cycling, the Tweed Run which was organized last month in London, England attracted quite the turnout. And yes, I did say ‘last month’ and not ‘last century’ if you’re looking at the photos and wondering why a crowd of a couple hundred are all decked out in early 20th century British cycling outfits with matching vintages bikes.

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Transpiring from a thread on the London Fixed-gear and Single-speed forum (view here), the inaugural Tweed Run took place last year in London. Borrowing the name from the emblematic woolen fabric coming out of Scotland, this enjoyable event pays homage to fashion, cycling and of course the classic English spirit of the early 20th century. 400 participants took part in the 12 mile excursion around the city which began at the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Grounds at the Chelsea College of Art & Design. Going the whole nine yards, a tea break was even scheduled at Kensington Gardens where riders got to enjoy some classical tunes from a three-piece strong orchestra.


I’ve always had a deep appreciation for traditional gentlemanly (and fair lady) English fashion as it embodies a sense of sophistication and is a reflection of the nation’s rich culture. Events like Tweed Run remind us of the glorious era where well put together attire was much more than just fashion. It’s a representation of being proper and paying impeccable amounts of attention to detail, which is clearly evident in the photos. For more marvelous photos of the event, check out Swamibu’s Flickr page.


Photos courtesy of Swamibu.

For our North American dapper chaps and dashing dames who may be interested in taking part, Tweed Run will be coming to Toronto and New York this coming fall. Keep on the lookout!

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  • tweeder

    there were 400 hundred,, and it was fabulous.

  • phileascheng

    Yes, it definitely looked like everyone had a good time

  • http://www.facebook.com/eugene.loo Eugene Loo

    I totally want in when it comes to Toronto. Keep us posted!

    Now what do I have in tweed?