On the Go 

Twitter your Way to Deliciousness


For most of us working a typical 9-5 job, the best part of the day is undoubtedly lunch time. It’s a time to step outside of our cubicle walls to catch up with our office bffs and indulge in the various cravings we may have had all morning. Many times however, we are often confronted with the problem of ‘what to eat for lunch’ and the debate could go on for a good 10mins. Luckily, for business people on the go, food trucks have become a nice alternative as of late to serve up delicious food without the extended wait. Not just any food truck, but food trucks that you have to track down. Sounds kind of fun eh? Almost like a treasure hunt I’d say. Meet Kogi, The Creme Brulee Man, Skillet Street Food, Rickshaw Dumpling Truck and Coolhaus, just to name a few.

These small businesses all have one thing in common. They use Twitter as their main source of communication with their clients because they tend to move from place to place everyday, in and around the city that they’ve set foot in. Kind of annoying for those looking for stability and the comfort of knowing their favorite eatery is exactly where they last saw it but I think it’s quite the clever marketing mechanism on their part. If you offer good food, the people will follow (no pun intended). All of the above mentioned food trucks have followers ranging from 4 to 63 thousand accounts and many of these business attribute their success to the social media platform.


Kogi (Korean BBQ to go): Features tacos, burritos and quesadillas with a Korean Mexican twist. Located in Los Angeles, California, Chef Roy Choi serves up Spicy Pork Tacos, Kimchi Quesadillas and Short Rib sliders just to name a few. Follow them @kogibbq


The Creme Brulee Man: Features, you guessed it, sweet crème brulee desserts selling $3 each. Located in San Francisco, the Crème Brulee Man makes a variety of flavours including vanilla bean, grand marnier and bailey’s irish cream. yum! Follow him @thecremebruleecart


Skillet Street Food: Features American comfort food. Their menu changes every week, but their ultimate goal doesn’t, to serve up delicious bistro style food to a sophisticated crowd. Located in Seattle, Josh has turned his love for food into a sustainable business. Follow him @skilletstfood


Rickshaw Dumpling Truck: Features a variety of savory chinese dumplings. Located in New York, the pork, chinese chive, thai basil and edamame dumplings offer a nice alternative to the many dessert trucks already located in NYC. Follow them @RickshawTruck


Coolhaus: Features choose your own cookie and ice cream, ice cream sandwich desserts. Located in Los Angeles, my favorite flavours include oatmeal raisin and choco chip cookies with blood orange, sea salt caramel or earl grey tea ice cream. Follow the girls @coolhaus

So, next time you’re looking for some place to grab a quick one, why not check out the latest offerings around your area, because admit it, you’re probably already twitter away at your desk anyway!

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