Edible Crayons and Homemade Parfaits


From my experience working with children, I’ve encountered way too many times when youngsters would nibble on pencils, crayons and markers. Perhaps Edible Crayons is the solution. Luxirare, a webazine focused on showcasing unique and distinct no-brand luxuries, has taken a bunch of ingredients and created these crayons that can be used for drawing and eating. Being a dessert lover, I was also excited to come across their spin on the familiar Parfait Dessert, which I think is worthy of sharing (both physically, and visually).

Edible Crayons

The Edible Crayons creation process is as follow:

1. Press the ingredients (such as things like processed nuts, dried fruits, sesame seeds, melted marshmellows) into crayon molds.



2. Each crayon flavour is dependent on the ingredients that make up the colour.



3. Include the ingredients for each ‘health bar’ on the crayon packaging it comes in.


4. Draw and eat away!


Homemade Parfaits

Another project that I was fascinated about and couldn’t resist not showing you, was Luxirare’s provocative and delightful spin on a household favourite—parfaits! This process involves taking liquids and encasing them into bubbles resembling caviar. The major ingredients in this project are sodium alginate and calcium chloride. I’m sure many of you have those handy at home ;)

To begin:

1. Prepare your sodium alginate and calcium chloride.


2. Prepare your granola and topping mixtures depending on the flavours you want. In Luxirare’s case, their flavours include Pomegranate Parfait, Sweet Tomato and Basil Parfait, Carrot and Apple Parfait, Pina colada Parfait, Key Lime Parfait and a Blueberry + Hypnotic (alcohol) Parfait. I’m drooling already!


3. Find your flavoured yogurts to add to the mix.


4. Gather the various juices to add that special taste to your parfait. These juices will be the liquids that form into those caviar looking bubbles!


5. Mix the juices with the sodium alginate and fill the syringes for proper droplet dosages into a calcium chloride bath.


6. Perfect droplets!


7. Assemble and eat!


What edible projects are you working on lately?

via Luxirare and We Love Beautiful Things

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  • http://www.facebook.com/eugene.loo Eugene Loo

    Who says you can't have fun with your food? Local restaurants like Jack Astor's used to provide crayons to draw on tables. They should look into this.

  • http://twitter.com/judyelee Judy

    that has to be the most striking presentation of a parfait…ever!

  • http://twitter.com/judyelee Judy

    that has to be the most striking presentation of a parfait…ever!

  • Stephanie

    I thought I posted on this. But I guess not. Well Personally I think it is a great idea for adults. Now that I am a mother i think it is a terrible idea, as some parents might find this entertaining and start serving their kids these edible crayons. Some kids may think all Crayons are edible, and that my friend, will not settle with their stomach.