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Vidafine + CBE Clothing Giveaway


It’s that time of month again when Vidafine gives away great prizes to our faithful readers. After weeks of working with our friends at CBE Clothing, we’re ready to present to you another great giveaway! You can read more about them from our visit a while back.


There are 3 ways to enter (you can enter all 3 ways to increase your chances of winning)

1 | Comment below on the Vidafine/CBE Clothing post by answering the following question:

WHAT is your favorite hoodie in your closet and WHY is it your favorite? (i.e. design, material, fit, color, etc.)

2 | Follow @Vidafine on Twitter and RT:

Vidafine’s giving away @CBEClothing T-shirts + hoodies! Follow @Vidafine & RT to enter! http://bit.ly/c6FPE3

3 | Stalk us on Facebook! (It’s okay, we know everyone has FB stalking tendencies in them)

Become a fan of Vidafine on Facebook and click the ‘Like’ us button! Then share this post on your wall!



When the contest closes on July 18th, 2010 at 11:59pm Eastern Time, we will draw the winners at random, the more people who enter, the more winners we’ll have…

1. 2 x T-shirts of your choice to 1 winner, chosen from the CBE Clothing online store

2. If the contest exceeds 200 participants, we’ll give away a hoodie of your choice to a 2nd winner chosen from the CBE clothing online store (excludes Limited Edition hoodies).

3. Finally, if the contest exceeds 500 participants, there will be a 3rd winner chosen to win 2 T-shirts and a hoodie of your choice from the CBE clothing store!

So help spread the world, and the more people that participate the more stuff we can give away to more people!



All those who enter must have a Canadian or US address (sorry to those living in the rest of the world! – we’ll have international contest coming up in the future, so stay tuned!). Prizes No.1-3 are three individual prizes; we will ensure all winners are different people, so not to worry!

Entries must be submitted between 9:00am Eastern Time on Wednesday, July 7, 2010 to Sunday, July 18, 2010 11:59pm Eastern Time. On Monday, July 19, 2010, the winner(s) will be announced once we get in touch with those chosen.
Thanks in advance for being a part of this fantastic giveaway, and thank you to CBE Clothing for all the great gear!

Contest closed. Thank you for all the entries, see results here.

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  • Patrick

    My favourite hoodie, without a doubt, is my Neon Classic. I love the neon, and the colour scheme in general. Also, the fit is fantastic. I get a lot of compliments when I'm out wearing my Neon Classic, which helps me to promote CBE via word or mouth!

  • Ari

    My favourite hoodie is one I got from my brother's now-ex-girlfriend when I was in grade 7. Her father owned a small clothing store outside of Niagara-on-the-Lake and she gave me a plain asphalt grey hoodie. It has no labels or marks on it so who knows who made it, but it is SOLID.
    It has real thumbholes in it, as a result of my biting and getting the hoodie caught on things. It's old and a little tattered, but I still crack it out from time to time.
    Clothing to me becomes part of my life story, so I care more about the memory I have with my wares than the price I pay for them.

  • Jess

    My favourite hoodie is this grey zip-up i have. It's long so it covers my bum which keeps me warm and lets me wear it with leggings. It's a basic colour with some add ons so it's more versatile. It also has the three colours that bring out my eyes; grey, blue and green. Its' deco is modern so it doesn't look outdated and it has a high collar so i can zip it all the way up if i'm cold or if i'm going to class and need a lazy outfit. It's also form fitting so i don't get lost in it but not so tight that i'm uncomfortable. Finally, it's zip up so if weather changes i can accommodate. It's my perfect sweater!

  • Billy dowling

    By far my favorite hoodie is my neon and black CBE sweater is great so warm and not bulky fits great under my motorcycle jacket took the string out so it doesn't hit me in the face and perfect pocket to hold my iPod on long ride keep up the great work guys amazing stuff – Billy Dowling

  • KW

    favourite hoodie: this ridiculously cheap campus crew 3/4 length sleeve hoodie! it was such a good deal that both my friend and i have the same one! i love it b/c it's 3/4 length (which is interesting) and it allows you to wear it in those in-between temperatures where it's not too cold, but cold enough! :) loves it!

  • Andrew

    My favourite hoodie is the simple black hoodie from Lu Lu Lemon that I think half the world now owns. What are its qualities that I like: minimal logos so it doesn't scream advertising; very, very heavy fabric that is super cozy and substantial; chunky, sturdy zipper that doesn't show any signs of flying off the rails; looooooong sleeves for my looooooooong arms; and overall simplicity, durability and comfort. I am newly aware of your products … but you have a new fan here.

  • Jiwoo

    My favorite hoodie would have to be honestly this sweater that my church youth group designed and got for everyone. I love it because it's so big and comfortable. It's gray with a couple of words printed on it, but it's just perfect to wear on cool nights or cold winter days. Also I love how the hood doesn't give me a cone head. ahah. And gray matches with like almost everything (:

  • yvho

    My favourite hoodie is a cheap grey pullover that I got from Fudan University in Shanghai for less than $10. It's soft and excessively comfy, just like a hug! I wore it almost everyday, cold or hot. It's also special because my entire class ended up buying the same hoodie, and now it reminds me of the awesome time I had in Shanghai.

  • Dane B

    my favorite hoodie is my DC hoodie. it's a plain blue pullover with white specs all over it. it's warm, comfortable, it fits great (which is hard for me sometimes because i have a long torso) and i think it looks pretty good on me.

  • Cindy

    My favourite hoodie is a really big loose hoodie that my father gave me. It's brown and worn down, and absolutely comfortable. It's my favourite not because of the fit, but rather because it reminds me of him.

  • Mark W

    Diesel hoodie, tall fit and super slim. Hugs me so nicely and the hoodie has huge room for my huge head. Best hoodie by far! :)

  • Jmprice22

    My favorite hoodie is a Nixon brand hoodie, black and gold, and super warm. It has thumbholes (not sure if they're made by me or the company, I've had it so long) and on the hood, there's a little tag that I only noticed after having it for over a year. On the tag it says “My friend thinks you're hot.”


  • Ellena Lawrence

    My fav hoodie is my pullover hoodie i got from my cross country provincials, it nice and baggie thou the body and has a tight waist band. I never have hoodie that fit right because I'm so tall and skinny but this one come close!! The arms are always to short on hoodies so I alway wear them pushed up and the cuffs are just the right size on this hoodie they aren't massive so i'm alway pushing them up but not so tight that I lose feeling to my hands. And I have a lot of memories attached to this hoodie also which make it that much better!

  • Sam

    My favorite hoodie (referred to as my lucky hoodie) is one that was left at my house after a party in high-school. The whole thing is strange, because I asked everyone who attended the party and no one ever claimed it. The hoodie is a thin zip-up with a washed out flowery pattern. The only problem is, it's now 5 years after that fateful high-school party and the hoodie is too small and hole ridden!

  • http://www.facebook.com/12GaChrist James Fry

    My favorite hoodie is one I found at Burlington coat factory, all my friends said it was hideous and didn't look like it fit right. It's camouflage, super soft fabric, tighter than a usual fit hoodie, the hood is bigger than it should be, which is great for cold nights in the back of someones truck, and has some sort of faux wool lining. I always tend to add stuff to my jackets, It's my inner punk rocker I guess. I've gone through a few variations on this one, It has a back patch and several regular patches, and I've weighted the drawing strings with Route 66 buttons, It's one of the best jackets I've ever owned, and my friends still hate it, fuck 'em.

  • Meagan

    My favorite hoodie is a RIT football sweatshirt. Its big enough to wear when its slightly warm outside, but warm enough to wear in winter. I also love it because it's hilarious. RIT has not had a football team since forever so it says undefeated since 1973. It makes me feel comfortable as well. <3

  • Bassdawgster

    my favority favoritist hoodie in my closest is my marc ecko x-wing pilot one. i love pretending to be an x wing pilot in it. zooming around going shanananannana. its the most ba thing ever!!

  • http://twitter.com/AutumH AutumH

    My favorite hoodie has to be my pink triple five soul zip-up. I love the slim and snug fit,the embroidery and the colors.

  • http://twitter.com/AutumH AutumH

    Follow on twitter and tweeted- https://twitter.com/AutumH/status/18064341308

  • Debra P

    Shared on twitter (@MissingLynxx) and on Facebook (Dee Pearlstein)
    My favorite hoodie is a men's billabong black with red writing hoodie that is oversized and supersoft. It keeps me warm and looks cool. It's like a second skin – sometimes you just find something that fits you to a “T' and makes you feel great. Thanks for the great giveaway :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/EvilClowns Phil Turk

    My favorite hoodie is a bright blue (like the blue of a bic highlighter cap if you need a point of reference haha) with little colored speckles of thread in green, red, yellow and purple all over the hoodie. It's formfitting and I love the way it looks on me, plus it is unbelievably comfortable. Finally I bought it in New York on a trip while I was shopping with some friends and they were pushing me too get a colorful hoodie because I don't have much color in my wardrobe. I was worried that I couldn't “pull it off” but for some weird reason it gave me more confidence. It made me feel like I stood out and I liked that.

  • http://twitter.com/cdmtx65 Claudia Mcgee

    My favourite hoodie is an 4 year old ” unknown brand ” one :)

  • Kimby

    My favourite is a XXXL grey cotton hoodie with a screen printed distorted skull on the front. It was my husband's for many years when we were dating and I wear it like a dress with leggings and a belt. It's worn in and lovely and even when washed still smells like him. It's like wearing a warm hug :)

  • Casey Miller

    My favourite hoodie is my husband's hoodie..it's from International Clothiers..so soft and warm

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/XHUTI7ALSJUAZDOW4VPGI2FDA4 Serena Hay

    My favorite hoodie is a grey one with extra large hood for those bad hair days.

  • CinnyBBS

    My favorite hoody…is actually a hollister one my brother bought me….the fleece is so soft and comfy, I like to wear it by itself!

  • CinnyBBS

    My favorite hoody…is actually a hollister one my brother bought me….the fleece is so soft and comfy, I like to wear it by itself!

  • CinnyBBS

    My favorite hoody…is actually a hollister one my brother bought me….the fleece is so soft and comfy, I like to wear it by itself!

  • CinnyBBS

    My favorite hoody…is actually a hollister one my brother bought me….the fleece is so soft and comfy, I like to wear it by itself!

  • http://twitter.com/PrincessaElla Ella

    I Retweeted and Shared on Facebook!
    Alright so I have a lot of hoodies they are by far my favorite piece of clothing and my all time favorite hoodie is this hot pink TNA hoodie it's the longer cut and I've had this one for about 3 years and I still love sporting it every once in awhile while I hit up the tanning salon on grocery store or even the park with my dog I LOVE it because it's pink and it's chill and it's feels so soft!

  • Jessicatang90

    liked on facebook (jessica tang) and retweeted on twitter: http://twitter.com/hongdoufantuan/status/182181

    my favourite hoodie is my american eagles hoodie, such comfortable fit!

  • Sandra

    My favourite hoodie is a dark green one from the GAP because it's the newest one I have.
    wrotek5 at gmail dot com

  • Cziolek

    I LOVE my off white zip up, so comfy, warm and the hood and sleeves are huge.

  • Tbarabash

    Favorite hoodie:

    One I sewed and then screen printed on in grade 10. Was actually a $9 walmart hoodie but to this day hard to find one that's softer than it :)


  • Helen

    My favourite hoodie is a simple blue one with a pink criss-cross pattern all over it. It's slim, warm and casual without looking I just rolled out of bed. It also has a pretty big hood which is is good for my big head. I don't think anybody has complimented me on it but that's ok because you wear clothes like this for yourself haha!

  • http://twitter.com/IanYeung Ian Yeung

    My favourite hoodie is from lulu lemon because of the pure quality and comfortablity!!

  • Richard

    I haven't worn any hoodies for a while, it would be nice to win something. If I had one, it would be simple, well fitted and of a high quality material, one for winter and another for warmer weathers!

  • Amy W

    My gray Gypsy05 hoodie! The brand is environmentally friendly by using only organic cottons, water based priniting and rich vegetable dyes. They are the first manufacturing facility in Los Angelas (and maybe even in the entire United States) to operate COMPETELY on solar paneled power which gives credence to their moto, “Good Planets are Hard to Find”. My gray one is suuuper soft, stylish and comfortable, and says “Peace with Nature” at the back and on the sleeves. Please check them out at: http://www.gypsy05.com. I'm not really a sweats/hoodie wearer, but when I do, I only choose Gypsy05! They sell unisex clothing that can take anyone from day to night in all seasons and all kinds of weather. I'm addicted! :D

  • Joanna Haughton

    My favorite hoodie is a purple Lululemon hoodie. I love it because the material is thick, and because it's fitted to my body. It's not baggy so it still looks very chic.

  • Erika G

    These t-shirts are the best! I have one in every colour!

  • Mia Littlejohn

    My favorite hoodie is definitely my CBE Freeman Classic which is Navy Blue with a Red and yellow accents. I love the look of it and always get compliments on it whenever I where it–plus the heavy duty cotton keeps me so toasty. Basically I just love it. But since this is about gushing, I also love that it has a little hidden pocket inside and that if I'm on a flight across the country I can use it either as a pillow or for almost complete privacy by zipping it up all the way!

  • Krista

    My favourite hoodie is my bright yellow one I have with white stripes running through it. Super comfy and bright!

  • Sarah

    Surprisingly my favorite hoodie is a bright green hoodie from Costco. We're all freakishly tall in my family and finding a hoodie with sleeves that go past the elbows is always a challenge so when my sister told me they had long sleeves I was in. They're super comfy and good for tall people. Oh and they're only $20 which is a serious bonus.

  • http://twitter.com/CBEclothing CBE Clothing

    Thanks Patrick! We love the Neon Classic hoodies too :)

  • http://twitter.com/AutumH AutumH

    Liked on facebook and posted the giveaway- http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=13930302

  • http://twitter.com/CBEclothing CBE Clothing

    Thanks Billy! Because our hoodies aren't bulky and are actually quite lightweight, we like to think they can be worn during all seasons of the year :)

  • http://twitter.com/CBEclothing CBE Clothing

    Thanks Andrew! You can always check out our online shop: http://cbeshop.myshopify.com :)

  • http://twitter.com/CBEclothing CBE Clothing

    Thanks Erika!

  • http://twitter.com/CBEclothing CBE Clothing

    Thanks Mia! The hidden pockets can definitely come in handy!

  • al wong

    My favorite hoodie is my thick white one that keeps me warm. But honestly I love all my hoodies as they are good for almost any occasion

  • Randa @ The Bewitchin' Kitchen

    My favorite is my grad hoodie, just because it is so warm and cozy. Great memories too.

  • Greg L

    Absolutely love the bright colours and fit of my CBE hoodie! Thx Elly!

  • bayctygrl

    My favorite hoodie is one I got from an organization I feel strongly about, To Write Love On Her Arms. It's also my fave because it's my fave color (purple) so comfy and it's has an awesome design

  • Rose

    I absolutely adore my team hoodie for swimming and diving… I've had it for so many years and it is finally beginning to show it's age but I remember wearing it to so many meets and spending so many chilly summer nights in it that there is something sentimental about it!

  • A Shackel

    My favourite hoody is my grey slim fit. It's perfect for looking good and comfortable at the same time.

  • http://greeneggsandhamlet.wordpress.com/ Shelley @ Green Eggs & Hamlet

    My favorite hoodie is a bright red girls' fit Jiberish hoodie. It has a screen print that starts on the back right shoulder blade and wraps around to the front and the logo is on the front left bottom hem, which just makes it a little different and cool. Plus it was given to me by my brother so it's extra special.

  • Charchar37

    My favorite hoodie is bright yellow, my favorite color, and was given to me by my very best friend. It's from Victoria's Secret and is very soft and has a front pocket. I like that it's long as well.

  • Tannie

    I think the Diesel hoodie would be something that would look great on my husband, plain and simple, thank you!!


  • http://anamericaninrome.com Natalie

    Honestly, the fave hoodie is one I have had since high school (almost a decade! eep!) because it is frayed and faded in all the right places. Volcom, mostly still black, with a signature scent. mmm

  • victoria

    these clothes look very comforable and in style.