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HydraDuo Water Bottle


The argument of whether tap water or bottled water is better for you is still floating around and while there are strong points for each side, you don’t have to stand on either side to enjoy this water bottle! It’s an idea that’s so simple, yet, it’s not on store shelves at the moment. I’ll give you a hint; think of those “Nerds rock candy” boxes…

If you’re as indecisive as I am, you’ll never know which way to go when presented with a fork in the road or having to choose from two or more choices. This creation from the Quirky community, a site where users submit creative ideas and get the chance to turn them into reality, gives people the chance to “carry one and drink two”! Apple juice or orange? Water or Red Bull? There’s no need for the “or” with the HydraDuo, it’s just “and”.


Made from BPA-free plastic, the bottle contains two removable 8 oz. chambers that you can fill with anything you’d like. The clear design of the bottle also lets you know when to refill. But there’s a catch; the $18 bottles won’t go into production until there are 980 orders. (It’s currently at 190)

The idea itself isn’t something that screams “wow”; it’s more of a “how come I didn’t think of that?” response. But if this was on store shelves, I wouldn’t mind picking one up for myself. These bottles make it easier for busy people who need a little pick-me-up in the morning but still want to hydrate themselves later with water or whatever else. This makes it so that everything is there for them and saves them the $2 they could have used elsewhere to buy another drink.

Does this seem like a good idea or is it just unnecessary? Perhaps you can submit your own ideas to the Quirky community as well!

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  • http://www.vidafine.com ben

    I can definitely make use of this, except one of the two sides would be filled up with actual nerd rock candies.

  • ecee

    Love the idea of Quirky, allowing people to create such cool products since sometimes not everyone has the resources required to make their own ideas 'happen'! I hope the product here gets more votes! it would be interesting to see it on the market soon!!

  • http://twitter.com/m_girl07 Manley H

    @ecee: I've actually never heard of Quirky until now so it's interesting to have stumbled upon it.

    @ben: LOL, are those even still around?

  • Tlbjazz2

    I want two of these maybe three. How can someone contact mve? Tlbjazz2@yahoo.com