Make Your Own Jerky


The whole essence of DIY is based on the premise of customization and stems from consumers’ needs–tailoring it to their own personal liking. It is really interesting to see different companies offer their own spin on how their products can be customized. Especially with the rise of technology resulting in an increased reach to end-users, it seems that you can just about DIY anything. Take Slant Shack Jerky for instance, they’ve literally empowered you, the consumer, to tailor make beef jerky to your specific tastes.


Cropping up from New Jersey, Slant Shack Jerky lets you build your own jerky. Start off by choosing small (1/4 lb), medium (1/2 lb) or large (1 lb). After making your selection of regular beef or grass-fed for a price premium, that’s where the fun starts and everyone’s jerky road really diverges. With a variety of options for each, you get to pick the Marinade (Original or Hot & Smoky), the Rub (Naked, Garlic, ‘RedRub’,…) and the Glaze (Brown Sugar, Spicy Pepper, none).

Nowadays, customization has become not only an option, but the gold standard by which companies assume in order to differentiate themselves from competitors. Involving the consumer in the product building process is such a smart way of getting to know them better and in constructing a more personal relationship which is only beneficial for brands.

It seems the question consumers are asking themselves now is: Why settle for something that’s the same as everyone else when you have the power to customize your product to suit your own tastes?

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