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Public Displays of Affection for Edmond Place

There’s a beauty within something new that was once old that is so inspiring. Just when you think one’s shelf life has expired comes a new idea, a new way of thinking that brings new life to something you can’t help but notice now. This concept is at the core of Public Displays of Affection (PDA) for Edmond Place, a community-engaged project dedicated to designing improved furnishings typical of subsidized housing.

Last week, Vidafine attended PDA for EP’s exhibition at the Gladstone Hotel and was absolutely captivated by the thought and care that went into the design of each piece. Local furniture designers and craftspeople from a range of backgrounds and achievements were recruited and offered their time and skills to build functional pieces that had to be durable, made of at least 80% recycled material, and not limited by traditional design. Why did the leaders of PDA implement such a set of criteria? Because design should be class-less and integrate the designer and the end user. Because design should see the big picture and ask if it is doing everything it needs to do. Because design should be opportunistic and strengthen weaknesses. Because design should be ever evolving and constantly altering to fit its surroundings. Bottom line? Make things work better for all because we can.

By November of 2010, all the original pieces will be used to furnish the Amenity Spaces at Edmond Place, a 29 unit home focused to improve the lives of psychiatric survivors in the Parkdale area; a home filled with second chances driven and conditioned by love and affection. To all our designer readers out there, how do you cater your designs to making things work better?

DB Johnson designed organ

PARC Chairs

Thank you to Parimal Gosai at PDA. For more information on the project, please visit http://publicdisplaysofaffection.ca.

All images from http://publicdisplaysofaffection.ca

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