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Imagine if you can turn every surface into a canvas and unleash your creative ideas on the wall in front of you without having to worry about the clean up afterwards. I am not talking about vandalizing your neighbour’s garage door, but transforming your room into a giant whiteboard with IdeaPaint.

Although it may not be a simple product, the idea is simple: a paint that you can apply to any surface and turn it into a dry-erase whiteboard. With IdeaPaint, you can paint your canvas into shapes that communicate a functional purpose, such as speech bubbles. It can be applied to curvy surfaces, or add some fun to the space with their selection of coloured paints. It adds new dimensions to the way you perceive and interact with the erasable canvas.

In fact, the traditional whiteboard is quite a self-contradicting product. As a place to brainstorm and collaboratively build ideas, we are restricted to a rectangular box confined by its annoying edges and corners. Once we fill up the board, we need to break from our chain of thoughts and look for areas to free up by erasing part of what we have just created. The limited space means we often have to think twice before jotting down our ideas, think thrice to organize our thoughts into some pseudo-structured form that conforms to its rectangular boundaries.


Apart from its flexibility, IdeaPaint is also an environmentally-responsible whiteboard solution. Rather than shipping around a bulky whiteboard, your whiteboard now comes in a nice self-contained package. When you are done with the whiteboard, painting over it will automatically get rid of it.

When I first discovered the IdeaPaint concept, I was very excited with all that it enables. Besides, it’s just plain cool to show off how I can pull out a marker and draw all over my white walls! But before I get too excited over this, the obvious question is: does this thing work as well as a whiteboard? Well, you never know until you try!



The manual claimed that I should wait a week before going crazy with the markers, but it looked pretty dried up and ready after the first day. It’s especially hard to wait the full week when the canvas is right in your face day after day, so I cheated and started drawing at the corners after 5 days. Although the surface feels more bumpy than a regular whiteboard, it surprisingly outperforms all the whiteboards that I have used in terms of how easy it is to erase all the marks.

Here is the official testing by Ev, you can see how the paint comes off completely after a single pass with the whiteboard eraser.



The testing box on the wall used up one third of the 20 square feet package Vidafine received courtesy of IdeaPaint. In fact, that one third was enough to paint the wall plus the covers of my clipboard folder I intended to bring around to show off. This light-weight whiteboard with papers inside actually turned out to be quite handy in various occasions. My question to you is, what would you like to turn into a whiteboard? Some ideas here.



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  • http://twitter.com/manleyh Manley H

    This is so cool! I kind of already have a magnetic whiteboard on my desk but I'd love to have one up on the wall to list my movies and books!