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Word Lens Translates via Augmented Reality


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Where was this when I went to Ecuador in December? On a recent trip down south, we were trying to learn Spanish in a matter of weeks so we’d survive while communicating in South America. Having this translator app with us on our trip would have definitely made the journey slightly easier I’d think. Though our trusty dictionary and ‘frequent phrases’ guide was useful, I’m sure if we had discovered Word Lens by Quest Visual sooner, we’d be much happier campers. Regret aside, sharing is caring, so perhaps if you are planning a journey to a foreign country in the next little while, this app may just be what you need!


Word Lens is a real-time translation app that turns your iPhone into the dictionary of the future. Using augmented reality and optical character recognition technologies, the app translates text from images (like street signs, bulletin boards, menus, even t-shirts slogans) and shows you the translated words on your phone. The technologies aren’t new, but what makes this unique, is the meeting of these two technologies to create something quite useful. Simply point your phone’s camera at what it is that you want to read and it will instantly decipher the words for you in a language that you can understand. It won’t work with funky fonts or won’t help you translate a whole book but check out the video below and see it in action.

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The app is currently only available on the iPhone with plans to expand to the other platforms soon (so their site says). The app is currently free for download at the iTunes store but additional language packs will cost you a few dollars.

How awesome is this app? No more lugging around a thick dictionary, now you can do it all with your phone! I can’t wait to try it out!

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