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Choose your Own Adventure is Back


After watching The Future of the Book, a thought provoking visionary short film put together by the designers at IDEO it brought to light some very real possibilities about the way we will one day visually consume text. Reading text from a tablet computer is becoming a norm for many. Enjoying the sleek form factor of the actual tablet and the convenience of paper-less reading, is great. But have you considered what more can be done to make the experience that much more entertaining?


Remember the days when choose your own adventure books were the latest hit? I would always flip to the pages that I was going to be directed to, to see which ones yielded the best outcomes, then decide on my next move. Of course, that was cheating.. but I love the way a different story could be told from the same book, depending on which path you chose to take! Kind of like life, except you can’t really cheat to find the happiest ending…..


So, when I saw the third proposed reading concept, coined ‘Alice’, I was fascinated by the possibilities that the idea would enable. It is essentially a modern day take on the classic choose your own adventure books! As explained by the narrative in the video, Alice is “an interactive reading experience that invites the reader to engage with the story-telling process [...] Stories unfold and develop through the reader’s active participation, blurring the lines between reality and fiction.”


Instead of turning the page, you unlock parts of the plot by performing certain actions, like being in specific geographical locations, communicating with characters in the story via an alternate device, or simply contributing to parts of the story! (Right now I’m imagining people so absorbed in their stories, performing silly actions in public) But, how cool would this be?

Watch the video here to see all the concepts presented (specifically ‘Alice’) and let me know your thoughts!

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  • bob

    You might we might soon be engaging with what we read??? That's such a novel idea. How come no one ever thought about interacting with books?

  • http://www.facebook.com/hey.ev Evelyn Chiu

    have you seen this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v… we are well on our way!