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See the Swiss Alps in a Whitepod


Since there was so much interest with our previous post about Hotel Igloo Village, I thought it would be worthwhile to introduce the Whitepod in Switzerland as an alternate vacation spot for those interested in yet another igloo-like experience (note: their website has ‘winter-y’ sounds to get you into the mood). I was in awe when I saw the photos for this place, and I was having a hard time deciding which to show. Though I slightly prefer sun destinations when it comes to vacation spots, I’m very tempted to check out this place if I ever get the chance to.


Situated 1700 m high in the village of Les Cerniers, among the majestic mountains of the Swiss Alps, The Whitepod camp is made up of 15 dome shaped tents (or pods) pitched on wooden platforms, surrounding a central chalet. This design permits low impact on the pristine alpine environment to minimize any effects of destruction. Rewarded in 2005 the World Prize for Sustainable Tourism, the Whitepod Resort continues to limit their environmental impacts through various initiatives. Look how big the pods look compared to the people standing beside it, I wonder how much leg room is actually inside.


Inside each pod, a wooden fireplace is available to keep guests cozy and warm. The decor of the different rooms are rustic yet modern which I absolutely love.



Aside from relaxing inside the Whitepod, a chalet is also available for guests to explore. Equipped with an area for dining, mingling and simply putting up your feet after a long day outdoors, I’m sure you can leave all your worries behind once you’re up there.



The perfect spot for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts. The view of the mountains from within the pods during the day looks to be amazing, but seeing these photos convinces me that once dusk hits, the views are even more enchanting!


Let me know if you’ve been or plan to visit Whitepod! I’m sure it will be an amazing experience!

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  • http://metromediaarts.com/2011/05/federico-pignatelli.html Federico Pignatelli

    Such an amazing pictures above!  i am interested in igloo-like experience…. . You are truly gifted. I have shared your site with many friends and family. It is always a pleasure to read.

  • http://twitter.com/eviechiu Evelyn Chiu

    Federico, thanks for your support and interest! Hopefully one day you will be able to go on your igloo-like experience! 

  • http://www.bhakti-yoga-meditation.com/jagadguru-shri-kripalu-ji-maharaj.html Jagadguru Kripaluji Maharaj

    As the days grow shorter and the wind blows stronger, winter is inevitably upon us, and I love to spend winters in Igloos!

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    Great creativity.. The pictures above are just awesome and very fresh. Thaskn for sharing this post.