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Vidafine is an online magazine that explores the growing wave of creative thinking present amidst the intersection of fun products, innovative social ventures, cutting-edge technology, and the passionate people behind them. Collectively, these facets constitute the influential forces defining our modern culture.

In our blogospehere we have been introduced to many popular online publications that have their distinctive topics of discussion. However, at Vidafine, we do it differently. We share content that demonstrates creativity and innovation but also boldly challenging our readers to do something about what is presented.

Vidafine has created three icons as a simple reminder of what we strive as an online magazine to accomplish. We want to empower a community of innovators and enthusiasts to be the spark that ignites better living.

Read: By categorizing what we talk about into buzzwords, we hope to capture the true evolution of these ideas in a language that is easy to understand and a presentation style that is captivating. We want to enlighten those who’ve heard of these terms but are hungry for an explanation, but also develop a curiosity in those unfamiliar with these trends from the beginning.

Think: We can read about inspiring articles all day long and watch amazing documentaries that touch our heart. But if we do not take the initiative to reflect and act upon our new knowledge, it is all but lost. How can you use your talents, surrounding resources and social communities to make a difference in the world? What do you want to see done better in the world you live and play in?

Act: We want to emphasize how small changes and actions can spark big impacts for those around us. Use Vidafine as a resource or guide, and let our stories inspire you to take the leap you were destined to take. Help convince the rest of humanity that active participation is the best way towards improvement.

If you or someone you know is involved in topics relevant to our publication, be sure to contact us and let us know what they’re up to!

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