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TARAgram in India

TARAgram, India

I recently returned from an unforgettable adventure in India. There was colour, chaos, crowds, and a whole lot of culture. The food put every one of my taste buds to work and the sights and sounds were unlike anything I’ve witnessed before, but the most unique tour occurred at TARAgram in the city of Orchha in Madhya Pradesh, India.


Foot Fetish

Nike Footprint

Nobody probably loves our feet more than Nike does. Year after year, shoe after shoe, Nike has produced some of the most comfortable and beneficial foot attire that not only protect us from harsh elements, but also help us to jump higher, run faster, and sweat less. Now the shoe and sport apparel giant is even developing a product for the shoeless, those that prefer to leave their feet exposed and naked! Nike is drawing up an innovative product conducive to bare feet sporting called the footsticker.


Finger Licking Good – For the Environment

KFC packaging

Kentucky Fried Chicken, or KFC as it is more famously known, doesn’t just offer us finger licking good chicken by the bucket anymore. After consuming every last calorie, we can now save our foods in the very container that they will come in. Yes, containers! KFC restaurants across the US are introducing what’s believed to be the fast food industry’s first consumer-reusable food container.

Community Sustainability 

Second Chances

Public Displays of Affection for Edmond Place

There’s a beauty within something new that was once old that is so inspiring. Just when you think one’s shelf life has expired comes a new idea, a new way of thinking that brings new life to something you can’t help but notice now. This concept is at the core of Public Displays of Affection (PDA) for Edmond Place, a community-engaged project dedicated to designing improved furnishings typical of subsidized housing.

On the Go 

The Wallet of All Wallets

Dunhill Biometric Wallet

To all pick-pocketers and thieves, this may be your worst nightmare. Dunhill has just brought the newest kind of wallet into the market that’s almost completely steal-proof and is changing the way we protect our money. Using biometric technology, the $700 dollar wallet can only be opened using a finger-print lock, keeping one’s money, ID, and credit cards safe and untouched by anyone who is not the owner. The wallet is also light and unbreakable thanks to a carbon fiber exterior. Plus, if one wants to locate their missing wallet, link it to a cell phone with Bluetooth and an alarm will set off if it wanders too far. For all the active individuals on the go, this is definitely an item which would eliminate one worry out of your already busy day.

To see more from Dunhill, please visit www.dunhill.com

Photo courtesy of Luxist.

Community Synergy 

When Video Games Do Good

Remission by HopeLab

Remember all those times Mother told you to put away the games to do your homework? Well it seems there is reason now to keep playing. HopeLab, a not-for-profit organization, combines research with innovative solutions to better the health and quality of life of young people with chronic illness. Their first product, Re-Mission, is a video game that allows a player to enter a virtual world where they can create an avatar and destroy cancer cells.

Community Sustainability 

RBC Blue Water Project

RBC Blue Water Project

With two thirds of the earth’s surface covered by water and the human body consisting of 75 percent of it, water is arguably one of the most important elements responsible for the sustainability of all life. To ensure that this important natural source is protected and made accessible on a global scale, the Royal Bank of Canada has created the Blue Water Project. Over the course of 10 years, RBC will be supplying $50 million to support charitable initiatives that foster a culture of protecting and preserving water.

Back to Basics Community DIY 

Face of Fashion-Joy Apparel


I often find the greatest inspiration in the people that I meet. If you listen closely enough, it’s fascinating what another’s personal journey, life philosophy, or unique personality can teach you – even if this person is an ocean away, speaking a completely foreign language, or practicing a religion totally different from your own. This is the idea behind a very cool, Toronto-based T-shirt company called Joy Apparel, which features hundreds of hand-drawn portraits of people from all over the world.