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Escape to Artscape


Have you ever heard of the starving artist? Did you ever wonder how the phrase was coined? Arts and crafts aren’t free and for many artists it is their life, their passion and career. Many artists struggle to pay for the supplies that they need to form their creations. Artists sacrifice other materialistic aspects of their life including food and shelter in order to afford doing what they love. Artists have a passion with a message and a mission to fill the world with their conceptions.

And here in Toronto, we have stepped towards a solution known as Artscape. Artscape “is a not-for-profit, urban development organization that revitalizes buildings, neighbourhoods, and cities through the arts.” By revitalizing old buildings, incorporating sustainable living quarters with artistic workspace, Artscape provides artists with an affordable place to live and work.

Community DIY 

Visionary: Colin Asuncion chARiTy


Nothing comes easy, but this young Toronto artist sure makes it seem so. Colin Asuncion, 22, has demonstrated that through his simple passion and a lot of hard work, he can use his hobby towards greater causes while juggling a normal student lifestyle.

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Pushing My Buttons


Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but the accessories re-crafted by Deborah Sanderson are those shiny rock’s new rival. In her quaint live/work studio in the Artscape Wychwood Barns, Sanderson displays her work for all to see. She had an open house last month that drew in waves of fascinated shoppers.

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This Cup is Green

Sustainable Red Cup

It’s that time of year again. It’s barbecue season and with barbecue season you know you need ice-y cold beverages. Associated with ice-y cold beverages are the iconic plastic red cup and many of you know where these cups end up – in the trash. But now, with these Sustainable Party Cups, forget those one time use cups and get the cup that’ll see a longer party-lifetime.