Augmented Reality
The huge influx in advanced technologies such as digicams, portable projectors, GPS units, and mini-computers are enabling the digital world to bleed across the divide into our physical world. Augmented reality (AR) is exactly what it sounds like: physical reality is being augmented with digital information. AR is going to allow us to take advantage of the wealth of digital information available by overlaying that information on top of our physical world and perhaps even alter our experience with reality.
Augmented Reality Nanotechnology 

AR Walker


While we all pray for Japan and other unfortunate countries, let us feature them for gracing us with another one of their brilliant inventions. I think it’s a great idea and could prove to be very useful (especially for us girls that recognize landmarks rather than street names).

If you’re like me, when someone asks you for directions, you’ll respond with something like “Keep going straight until you see McDonald’s. Turn right and make a left at the police station”. Sometimes, it can get confusing and when I get instructions with street names, I feel myself looking at the paper every two minutes – and that can be dangerous if you’re driving. It’s especially nerve racking when it’s your first time there and you don’t want to be late but it’s unknown territory.

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Word Lens Translates via Augmented Reality


image via Gizmag

Where was this when I went to Ecuador in December? On a recent trip down south, we were trying to learn Spanish in a matter of weeks so we’d survive while communicating in South America. Having this translator app with us on our trip would have definitely made the journey slightly easier I’d think. Though our trusty dictionary and ‘frequent phrases’ guide was useful, I’m sure if we had discovered Word Lens by Quest Visual sooner, we’d be much happier campers. Regret aside, sharing is caring, so perhaps if you are planning a journey to a foreign country in the next little while, this app may just be what you need!

Augmented Reality 

A Sweet Augmented Reality


For those of you that don’t know, Augmented Reality is a concept that has taken the world over by storm. It’s hard to explain in a few words but basically, it’s when electronic elements are augmented in real time to make it seem as if they are actually there when they aren’t. The result is technology enhancing one’s perception of reality.

We here at Vidafine even have “Augmented Reality” as a buzzword because we think it’s so important. Most of our posts at the moment talk about AR in a visual aspect. Not too long ago, Keio University in Japan created TagCandy, a lollipop that allows users to taste different sensations through taste.

Augmented Reality 

3D Stop Motion with the iPad

embedded by Embedded Video

Now that is magical. I am referring to the above short film by BERG and Dentsu London, a creative exploration of the theme ‘making future magic’.

In a world that is increasingly populated with electronic displays of various sizes, it’s hard to imagine how city life would be without these ‘glowing rectangles’. Or, on the other hand, what would media look like beyond exploring the world though these two-dimensional portals? So starting with a device that embodies many aspects of modern media, the team has created this stop-motion film not on the iPad, but with the iPad.

Augmented Reality Nanotechnology 

Claytronic Kitchen Wall


I am sure everyone has been exposed to LEGO blocks at some point in their life. If not, have a peek here. Now just imagine the LEGO pieces floating in mid-air, organizing themselves into small clusters, and then stacking themselves to look like entire LEGO cities. The Rise of the LEGO Blocks may sound like a nightmare for some, but for the guys at Carnegie Mellon and the many Claytronics researchers worldwide, it’s an exciting idea with endless possibilities.

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The Round-Up: Wearable Technology


I’ve come across a few interesting items lately, all revolving around the things we wear, with a second functionality. Perhaps you may find some of these interesting, useful or just plain silly, but at the end of the day, for many designers, the next logical step is to integrate technology into their products since so many of us are being consumed by it everyday.

Augmented Reality 

Pop-Up Advertising


Print used to be the only form of advertising and it was simple. Then came talking voices, moving pictures and with technology’s latest advancements, there are even more ways to get the message across. With augmented reality becoming more and more popular, ads have now incorporated this interesting component into their communication.

Augmented Reality 

Laser Graffiti

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There’s nothing like a good aerosol can, but for those who don’t feel like incriminating themselves with paint on their hands, there’s a new way of putting up graffiti. Gather a projector, a camera, a laptop and a laser pointer, and you could put up a piece on any heaven spot that your heart desires. How about these buildings at the University of Toronto….?