Augmented Reality
The huge influx in advanced technologies such as digicams, portable projectors, GPS units, and mini-computers are enabling the digital world to bleed across the divide into our physical world. Augmented reality (AR) is exactly what it sounds like: physical reality is being augmented with digital information. AR is going to allow us to take advantage of the wealth of digital information available by overlaying that information on top of our physical world and perhaps even alter our experience with reality.
Augmented Reality Nanotechnology 

See-through Circuits


Some of you may have seen our earlier post on the future iPad Looking Glass envisioned by Mac Funamizu. It features a see-through display capable of overlaying digitally-rendered pixels on top of the real objects seen through the transparent glass display. While that gadget may be further down the line, this transparent laptop that Samsung showed off at CES is definitely a big step forward.

Augmented Reality 

Bringing Business Cards to Life

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From meeting creative people interested in having their personal branding more recognizable, my understanding of business card design is that it’s something of an unspoken yet competitive contest. Almost everyone who cares about promoting themselves or their company is constantly scheming of new ideas for a business card design which would cleverly exhibit their own creativity.

Augmented Reality 

Through the Looking Glass


There was certainly a lot of hype leading up to the launch of Apple’s newest gadget, the iPad which was announced a couple of weeks ago. Almost everyone was predicting Apple was going to roll out this revolutionary device. But when Apple unveiled the iPad’s specs, I kinda sat there with a somewhat dumbfounded look that read “that’s it?” It felt like a giant bubble burst above my head of all these fantastic concepts that I, and others envisioned the iPad to be and all we were left with was this giant iPhone. Nevertheless, when it comes to revolutionary and the type of applications that the iPad and iPhone has the potential for, it always brings me back to Mac Funamizu’s amazing concept, the Looking Glass.

Augmented Reality 

The Walls Are Alive!

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vimeo Direkt
by NuFormer

Talk about adding dimensions to a wall – these two videos demonstrate how digitally created objects can interact with real world spaces such as these public buildings. So, what you are viewing aren’t special effects applied to the video – they’re actual video animations projected onto the building itself. That means if you were actually there, you could see giant balls tumbling down from the roof of a building or a mysterious glowing ball of light floating around the columns of a building (assuming you’re looking at it from the right angle I believe). NuFormer Digital Media were the ones who used some fancy 3D video projection to alter our perception in the real world. It definitely seemed convincing when that building looked like it was collapsing, but don’t take my word for it – go check out the video.