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As we live in the knowledge age and become exposed to fancier gadgets by the day, people tend to forget about the simplest of things that had a hand in sculpting society. It’s become more important now than ever to revisit the people, brands and philosophies that have been influential in history. In a time where changes are happening at such a rapid pace, staying true to one’s roots has become as relevant as it’s ever been.
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Choose your Own Adventure is Back


After watching The Future of the Book, a thought provoking visionary short film put together by the designers at IDEO it brought to light some very real possibilities about the way we will one day visually consume text. Reading text from a tablet computer is becoming a norm for many. Enjoying the sleek form factor of the actual tablet and the convenience of paper-less reading, is great. But have you considered what more can be done to make the experience that much more entertaining?

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Christmas Wishlist 2010 ($30 or more)

glasbergen_christmasImage from Randy Glasbergen.

As the countdown to Christmas nears, we continue with our wishlist of goodies. So for those of you who still have some last minute shopping to do, or need some ideas as to what to ask for this Christmas, enjoy this list.

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Christmas Wishlist 2010 ($30 or less)

christmas_comicImage from Randy Glasbergen.

It’s that time of year again where we always talk about how giving is better than receiving and the season is really more about family than presents. However at the end of the day, we all struggle to get our stressful Christmas shopping out of the way. So we at Vidafine have compiled our annual list of goodies on our wish list. So for all our loyal readers who need some ideas for last minute shopping (or if you’d like to shoot some presents our direction) we present to you this list.

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Lodekka Vintage Shop on Wheels


In northeast Portland, you’ll find, at the corner of Williams and Failing, a 60′s double decker bus. Thinking it’s a tourist attraction, you’ll probably think it’s a tourist trap. If you look closer however, you’ll see that it’s a vintage shop on wheels. The shop, called Lodekka, is owned by Erin Sutherland. She believes she has the best job in the world because of her love for fashion and all things vintage.

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Out of Print is Fashion Forward


No matter what field you’re in now, think back to the time when you were required to take those dreaded (or beloved) English classes in high school; the presentations, the seminars and the essays! To Kill a Mocking Bird, The Great Gatsby, Moby Dick, Catcher in the Rye and many more have been familiar titles dubbed literary classics. Being forced to read them may have been a drag for many, but some of them may have become others very own classics. To help individuals recall these memories of days passed, a company called Out of Print Clothing has created “intelligent” literary fashion out of 100 per cent cotton for those looking for a blast from the past.

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Lomography Sprocket Rocket


Digital cameras have taken the selectiveness out of photography. Being able to snap countless pics without having to worry about conserving film to catch that perfect moment certainly takes away from the spectacularity of it. And this is the precise reason that analog film cameras continue to hold that special place in my heart.

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Escape to Artscape


Have you ever heard of the starving artist? Did you ever wonder how the phrase was coined? Arts and crafts aren’t free and for many artists it is their life, their passion and career. Many artists struggle to pay for the supplies that they need to form their creations. Artists sacrifice other materialistic aspects of their life including food and shelter in order to afford doing what they love. Artists have a passion with a message and a mission to fill the world with their conceptions.

And here in Toronto, we have stepped towards a solution known as Artscape. Artscape “is a not-for-profit, urban development organization that revitalizes buildings, neighbourhoods, and cities through the arts.” By revitalizing old buildings, incorporating sustainable living quarters with artistic workspace, Artscape provides artists with an affordable place to live and work.

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Levis – Carrying on Tradition


For as long as I’ve been acquainted with the brand, the Levi’s trademark has been synonymous with craftsmanship, durability and of course timeless fashion. The company is built on so much more than just the iconic 501 blue jeans that find its place in just about everyone’s closet. When established in 1873, its purpose was to create denim pants with superior detailing, such as copper rivets to reinforce points of strains and to endure the toughest wear and tear of everyday work. With such a rich history, the company has really put a lot of emphasis on heritage. With fall just around the corner, Levi’s is yet again reiterating their commitment to tradition with a collaborative project with another established clothing company catering to the great American outdoors, and a musical project with some of the most recognizable musicians today.