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Today’s urban dwellers find themselves with busier schedules and are constantly on-the-go. With less time at home, much more commuting and wandering the city streets, they’re looking for much more in their daily lives to compensate and help them handle this fast paced lifestyle.
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Choose your Own Adventure is Back


After watching The Future of the Book, a thought provoking visionary short film put together by the designers at IDEO it brought to light some very real possibilities about the way we will one day visually consume text. Reading text from a tablet computer is becoming a norm for many. Enjoying the sleek form factor of the actual tablet and the convenience of paper-less reading, is great. But have you considered what more can be done to make the experience that much more entertaining?

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Maptor Leads the Way


How many times have you agreed to meet someone at a trendy new hotspot or have gone exploring a new part of town only to get yourself lost? You swore you passed by that gas station five times already but you know you’re going the right way, at least you think.

It’s true that smart phones can do it all nowadays but sometimes the screen’s too small. You can expand it with your fingers but you’ve then got to swipe, zoom and squint. We all love projectors because they blow everything up to ten times their size but who wants to carry all of that around?

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Word Lens Translates via Augmented Reality


image via Gizmag

Where was this when I went to Ecuador in December? On a recent trip down south, we were trying to learn Spanish in a matter of weeks so we’d survive while communicating in South America. Having this translator app with us on our trip would have definitely made the journey slightly easier I’d think. Though our trusty dictionary and ‘frequent phrases’ guide was useful, I’m sure if we had discovered Word Lens by Quest Visual sooner, we’d be much happier campers. Regret aside, sharing is caring, so perhaps if you are planning a journey to a foreign country in the next little while, this app may just be what you need!

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Christmas Wishlist 2010 ($30 or more)

glasbergen_christmasImage from Randy Glasbergen.

As the countdown to Christmas nears, we continue with our wishlist of goodies. So for those of you who still have some last minute shopping to do, or need some ideas as to what to ask for this Christmas, enjoy this list.

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Christmas Wishlist 2010 ($30 or less)

christmas_comicImage from Randy Glasbergen.

It’s that time of year again where we always talk about how giving is better than receiving and the season is really more about family than presents. However at the end of the day, we all struggle to get our stressful Christmas shopping out of the way. So we at Vidafine have compiled our annual list of goodies on our wish list. So for all our loyal readers who need some ideas for last minute shopping (or if you’d like to shoot some presents our direction) we present to you this list.

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A Community Pick Me Up


With the end of 2010 fast approaching, students scrambling to study for exams while others rushing to meet deadlines, who doesn’t need a little break amidst all the stress? Perhaps a pillow fight to release some of that stress will entertain you. How about LED light-saber battles with hundreds of new friends? Maybe, during these cold winter months, curtain forts or a warm smooch will do the trick. Newmindspace organizes such events that bring people together in Toronto and New York in hope to create a public interactive art movement using the city as their urban playground. What will they do next?!

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Samsung Gadgets at Holiday Preview


Vidafine has recently been invited to a Samsung preview showcasing their lineup of products for the holiday season. As the self-proclaimed geek at Vidafine + prospective owner of the Galaxy Tab, I of course signed myself up for this opportunity. While I was definitely planning to spend some quality time with the newcomer to the tablet family, I also promised myself to give all the other gadgets the attention that they deserve. Here are the toys that really wow’ed me.

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Enhancing Customer Experience (Part 2)


Enhancing customers’ and patrons’ experience extends far beyond the price tags, clothing racks and cash registers. As we’ve seen last week, differentiating from the competition has become quite vital in making that customer experience special. This week, we’ll continue to explore the different ways some other brands are really bringing together disparate parts to create a fused unique experience for their customers.