Nanda Clocky Available

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Although it doesn’t solve all of life’s problems, Nanda’s Clocky more than adequately does its job of solving one of life’s hardest – getting up in the mornings. Especially now in the winter months, it seems harder and harder to get up each day. So unless you come across a better way to drag yourself out of bed in the mornings (please advise us if you do), here’s a simple solution. Equip your alarm clock with two wheels enabling it to run rampant around the room when it goes off. Surely, you’ll lose all urge to snooze after scrambling around the room to turn off the Clocky.

The Clocky is extremely durable and is engineered to jump from 3 feet high. So you need not worry about it breaking. It has a similar beep to everyone’ favourite Star Wars’ robot R2D2 and has a flashing backlight when wheeling away.

The Nanda Clocky is available now at the Vidafine shop.