essey design

The more you get to know us, the more you will come to see our love for Scandinavian designs. As of late, a Danish design firm that we’ve been in close contact with is Essey. The name ‘Essey’ is derived from the word essential, which is exactly what the brand strives to be. The firm’s designs are based on the premise of focusing on core issues by the simplest means. In other words – the essentials. Their products are redefined in new concepts, challenging today’s conventional thinking.

One item which has gotten our attention is the Illusion side table. Handmade from 3mm acrylic, it gives the impression of a table cloth on a round table. The Illusion is a lot sturdier than it looks, as it uses the structural strength of the folded materials to enhance the forte while maintaining an illusion look. The design and craftsmanship for this is absolutely stunning so it isn’t surprising that it was awarded the Best New Product at Top Drawer in London, 2007.

Look out for the Illusion table to be available at Vidafine in the next couple of weeks.

  • James

    Can I pre-order this table?