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rfid flipside wallet

Now I’m sure the biggest fear on top of everyone’s list is Radio Frequency Identification Theft (RFID theft). I mean, who isn’t afraid of having the frequency from their brainwaves read by RFID theives from all around. But in all seriousness, for all those who aren’t too familiar with RFID theft, here’s a quick rundown. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), is an umbrella term for technologies using radio waves to automatically identify people or objects. A tiny microchip and antenna is embedded in these smartcards allowing it to communicate with an RFID reader. The use of this technology is extremely popular in Asian cities such as the Hong Kong with their Octopus card and Korea with T-Money. Recently, major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express have adopted RFID technology as an alternate and more convenient means of purchasing items. Embedded with a small computer chip inside the cards, card owners merely have to quickly allow the card to be scanned on a RFID reader which is able to read the card right through a person’s wallet, even if their wallet is in their pocket. RFID thieves – as they call it – usually hang out in crowded areas where they can scan and steal information from RFID cards.
rfid flipside wallet

Meet the Flipside Wallet. A lot of thought was put into the design of this positive ‘vault’ which shields your cards from RFID theft. The fold up wallet shields your cards from RFID theft and also has a locking mechanism in place to ensure that the wallet closes securely and remains closed until you wish to open it. Although RFID theft doesn’t seem like too big of a threat now, we can slowly see that it is something we will see more of in the future as the trend is quickly swaying towards the use of smartcards for simplicity and convenience. Here’s a short video demo of the 2nd Generation Flipside Wallet.

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The wallets come in 3 different colours (Black, White and Orange). You can buy the Flipside Wallet here.

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  • http://twitter.com/JoeStreno Joe Streno

    I bought the previous version of the FlipSide wallet. I'm now sorry I did. The outer part of the wallet was a piece of nylon(?) fabric stretched on the outside. The edges of the fabric are not seamed or finished in any way. After only a few months of use, those edges started fraying. FlipSide says that the only thing that is covered under warranty are the hinge and locking mechanisms. They would not replace or even offer to fix the wallet. I spent $40.00 on this puppy … and feel ripped off. They did offer a whopping $5.00 credit towards another $40.00 wallet (+ shipping). Gee thanks!

    When a company does not stand behind a product 100% … what does that say about the product, and the company?

    I'll never buy another wallet from them!

  • MannyX

    I have the same wallet and the exact same thing happened to me.  I bought the first two generations as well.  Having said that to them, they wouldn’t even consider any recompense for their shoddy product.  The ends also came out where 2 screws hold the nylon fabric which isn’t very strong. 

    Great idea with the RFID shielding, but with this particular model, they fell flat.