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origami city

After four years and many paper cuts (I would assume..) Wataru Ito, 25, of Tokyo University has finally finished constructing his Origami City– ‘Castle on the Ocean’ which is now currently being displayed at an exhibition in the artificial island of Umihotaru, near Tokyo, Japan. Ito, a second year Arts student at the Tokyo University for the Arts was bored prepping for his entrance exams (which he had failed three times) so, decided to construct this amazing city by folding hundreds of pages of craft paper and utilizing simply a knife and glue. The piece loosely resembles the El Temple de la Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona, Spain. The design also features a central tower, surrounded by a cathedral, school, airport, theme park, factory and a moving train with glittering lights.

glittering origami city

As the cityscape became more intricate (the final piece measures 2.4m by 1.8m and is 1m high), Ito had to sleep under his table inside his tiny flat to give way for his project. Ito is very excited that his work is being displayed for all to see. He hopes that the masses will gain an appreciation for artist’s work through his masterpiece. Ito has also said that once the exhibition is over, he plans to burn the city down and if video taped, could rewind the clip and see the city reconstruct itself from ashes. Wow, I wish that I could have seen this in person, the details of his work are stunning!

via Telegraph UK and Wellsy’s World

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  • Joni

    It is amazing what a person can stumble upon when sleep has finished and you just want to try something different. If I was younger and rich, I would surely travell to those places and view these wonders for myself. alas, I must only live them in my heart, but thank you for sharing. Joni

  • marywalsh

    Origami – the most amazing artform. Simply put, a piece of paper gets transformed into whatever your capable of making. Teach your children to appreciate the use fine papers of every colour and texture. My favourite is the crane…..but can appreciate the efforts that go into creating such complex pieces such as the city of paper….found here on stumble. Mary from Toronto, Ontario

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  • http://www.facebook.com/eugene.loo Eugene Loo

    This is unbelievable. What dedication.