Wicked Laser Pointers

We’ve all seen custom phone skins and plates, but what about fancy laser pointers for those adventurous geeks? Presentations are inevitable these days, whether its at the office or in front of friends, it’s always helpful to keep a laser pointer around to show your professionalism. However, I find that such a cool gadget is often aesthetically not pleasing. But after some hunting, I discovered one brand that actually pays some attention to the exterior casing design. You can find these at Wicked Lasers. They even offer an aluminum alloy carrying case to protect your little toy. Now that is cool.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that other than the common red lasers we often see, green lasers and even blue or purple ones are now also available! Of course the purple or blue ones are yet to gain mass exposure due to it’s hefty price tag, for the same reason why the Play Station 3 is so expensive. My advice for those considering to make such a purchase is to consider the context in which your new gadget will be used. If you only plan on using it for PowerPoint presentations, go with the lowest powers (5-15mW) of the green lasers. Our eyes are most sensitive to the green part of the spectrum, so the spot will appear very bright and if any higher power is used, it may cause discomfort for the audience. The rest of the line are geared more towards laser enthusiasts and specialized applications such as astronomy. So, be careful! These beams are dangerous to the eyes if not used in the proper environment and with the proper equipment, the result could be nasty.

executive green lasersonar ii burnerlaser dragon case

  • http://wwwstugod.blogspot.com/ stugod

    nice work lots of gloss. like the laser bit pushed for time today will save on desk top see you soon from stugod

  • Bob Draper

    Very good ad. I never knew that we were more sensitive to the colour of 'GREEN'……I have heard that green was being used to shine at low flying aircraft, which could be dangerous. And I think that aircraft manufactures should develop a coating for the windshields to prevent this form those who would do such a stupid thing.
    I use laser (red) for defining lines, and shapes when I am building and painting, a very handy tool.

  • http://www.vidafine.com ben

    yup, laser pointers are actually quite dangerous when people do stupid things with them… especially when people mistakenly think laser light is just like what comes out of a flashlight. they are not the same thing!!!

    in fact a lot of high-powered lasers sold online (such as through Wicked Lasers) can easily cause permanent eye damage (the type of damage is also somewhat related to colour) and the lack of strictly enforced regulations in buying them is kind of disturbing…

    and by the way, it's not an ad for Wicked! i just thought their lasers are cool =)