Dining to the Sound of Music

i love this set of Orchestra Kitchenware by designers Hyuh Jin Lee, Chooi-leng Tan and Hye Ryoung Cheon. Dining with family and friends will be so much more entertaining now (not that they weren’t before….) with this line of dining ware. The product line is comprised of a Xyloplate, Drumsticks, Music Note Hanger, Guitar Plates, Maracas Salt & Pepper Shakers and Do-Re-Me Wine Glasses. Slurping, gobbling and plates clacking will be replaced by kitchenware chimes.

As you can tell, each product in this fascinating line represents either a musical instrument or musical note which when played together will make you feel as though you are part of a real orchestra or performing group. Take that Rock Band!

  • June


  • Bobbi

    Where can I purchase this line?

  • phil

    I believe that it’s just a concept for the time being, but I may be wrong. But do keep on the lookout for it, as it may very be produced somewhere down the line.